The installation of a Z7 series CNC router supplied by AXYZ Automation Group has helped boost production at East Lothian, Scotland-based Old School Fabrications. 

Established in 2011, the company specialises in a wide range of bespoke design and build projects involving the use of various traditional and contemporary materials. These include primarily solid oak for commercial furniture with routed detailing, birch plywood for customised exhibition stands and furniture, solid surface interactive museum stations and architecturally-sensitive sculptural objects for indoor and outdoor locations.

Described as an ideal entry-level routing/cutting solution for small companies and in particular those wishing to increase the level of automation without the need for a sizeable capital investment, the Z7 includes production-enhancing features normally found on more expensive CNC machines, thereby providing a production workhorse with a high cost-to-performance capability. 

In addition to the familiar solid steel frame construction to accommodate the most vigorous routing/cutting likely to be encountered and a solid aluminium vacuum/clamping deck for maximum material hold-down efficiency and routing/cutting accuracy, the Z7 installed at Old School Fabrications includes the latest AXYZ A2MC machine controller. 

This enables smoother and faster machine motion, with the elimination of ‘bounce’ and vibration caused by sudden acceleration/deceleration frequently experienced with less technically advanced machine control systems.

Key design features of the Z7 include a processing area of 1524mm x 2440mm, a single-head tooling configuration and rack and pinion drive system on both the X and Y axis. As with all AXYZ CNC routers, the Z7 can be customised with a number of optional production tools for enhanced performance. 

These include the AXYZ ATC (Automatic Tool Change) system that provides up to 33 tool-change stations for work requiring multiple tools, the AXYZ Zone Management facility for optimum material hold-down efficiency and the latest helical rack and pinion drive system incorporating a multiple gear teeth configuration. This provides a more even distribution of the workload, leading to faster throughput speeds, reduced material wastage and machine wear and ultimately a longer than normal machine life. 

Commenting on the contribution made by the Z7 router to business growth at Old School Fabrications, Director Neville Rae stated: “We were immediately impressed by how simple and well made the Z7 router was and how it fitted perfectly with our increased production objectives and bespoke manufacturing requirements. The AXYZ team of specialist engineers were extremely helpful throughout the entire assessment, procurement and installation process and I would not hesitate in recommending the company to other potential router users.”

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