Cabinet hardware expert Titus is set to make a big impact at this year’s kbb by launching innovative TeraBlack versions of many of its most popular products, including its successful T-type hinges. Visitors to the event – which takes place from 1st-4th March at the NEC in Birmingham – will be able to see the new products and other developments from Titus on stand W101.

Titus closely monitors emerging trends in the international furniture market, and this has led the company to develop new Tera (Titus Enhanced Resistance Application) versions of its products. These feature an attractive non-reflective dark grey finish, which not only retains its attractive appearance throughout its working life but also offers enhanced resistance to corrosion.

Particularly well suited to applications in high-end premium kitchen furniture, Titus TeraBlack products fully meet the requirements of designers and consumers looking for unobtrusive yet impressive cabinet hardware. They have highly uniform surfaces and a velvet feel that complements their quality and enhances consumer appeal.

Among the first products to be offered in TeraBlack versions are Titus’ renowned T-type hinges. These feature Titus Confident Close, the consumer-preferred reliable and consistent soft-close damping action characterised by late-start deceleration and quiet landing in the last stage of closing as the door contacts the cabinet side. In addition, T-type hinges require only a shallow hinge cup, which makes them suitable for use with door thicknesses from 15-26 mm.

All of the new TeraBlack products are Titus-engineered solutions supported by tightly controlled, repeatable, efficient, flexible and scalable manufacturing processes that provide the performance, consistency and quality essential to manufacturers of high-end furniture.

“Titus is a world leader in high-end kitchen hardware and recently we’ve seen a growing demand for cabinet hardware with a dark matte finish,” said Gary McMahon, Titus UK marketing manager. “We wanted to respond with a market-leading solution that was not simply a colour variant but also offered other benefits for our customers and for furniture end-users. And, with the durable high-performance TeraBlack products we’re launching at the kbb show, we believe that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.”