Advanced Machinery Services, one of the leading suppliers of service and machinery to the woodworking industry has collaborated for another year with a charity from Leicestershire, helping them with financial donations

This is the second time that AMS has collaborated with Rainbows hospice for children and young people – a charity in Loughborough – and AMS fells sure that it will keep helping them into the future.

From left: AMS’ Lewis Foster and Almudena Sanchis flanking Emily Wright, Corporate Partnership Fundraiser

Every Christmas, the AMS team prepares a special Christmas wooden detail to give to customers in their Christmas cards. They make them with on the woodworking machines it has in the showroom ready to distribute – and the company finishes them in their workshop. Every year, the new decorations are sold to customers, family and friends and with the money raised, the company contibutes to the cahrity’s on-going fund-raising.

An AMS director says: “Everybody deserves a good Christmas, and if we can contribute our bit, we will do it. Our marketing manager suggested to my partner and I that we could collaborate with these charities – we thought that it was a fantastic idea straight away.

“Everybody knows that Christmas is a wonderful period when everybody is happier and excited, especially children. Unfortunately, not all children have the same opportunities and facilities, with that in mind, we wanted to support them and give them encouragement in this festive period and open the door to new possibilities.

AMS’ sells its special wooden details every year to help raise funds for local charities

“Rainbows hospice for children and young people welcomes referrals from young people who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. Since 1994, they have opened their doors and hearts to those children and the people who love them most. And now more than ever, they need our help to keep on bringing care and happiness to their children and their families.”

Find out more information about Rainbows on it website. To learn more more about AMS, is products, services, events or collaborations, refer to the company’s website.​​​​​​​