Blum is getting ready to unveil a selection of brand new products at kbb Birmingham this month. This new launch harnesses Blum’s Moving Ideas concept. 

As a company, Blum specialises in the manufacture and distribution of lift, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture in all living spaces. With movement and ingenious ways to achieve this at its core, Blum is always moving forward. At kbb, Blum will launch a series of brand new products that will transform the way we design and live in our homes…

Space Step

This brand new plinth solution takes storage to new levels with the ability to bring multi-functionality to cabinet plinths. A practical solution to compact living spaces, Space Step is not only a step, but also creates extra storage behind the toe-kicks of base units. It is ideal for lending a helping hand when reaching taller cupboard or shelf space above and allows for the design of floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

Aventos HK Top

A lift system which, while small in stature, is set to inspire designers, retailers, fitters, architects, suppliers and homeowners alike, thanks to its multiple integrated features. Benefits include a safety mechanism and opening angle stop while large and heavy fronts are able to open and close with ease. This lift system is incredibly easy to install, making projects a whole lot simpler and quicker for fitters and cabinet makers alike.

Pull-Out Shelf Lock

A discreet, space-saving mechanism that securely holds an open pull-out shelf in place, Blum has developed a practical lock-open stop for its Movento and Tandem pull-out shelves. No need to worry about wobbles or shelves sliding back in, even if small appliances and gadgets are placed on top.

As well as this trio of brand new products, Blum will also showcase some exciting new finishes.


Blum’s computer-aided automatic stop system, Easystick allows cabinet makers and manufacturers to produce precise and finely crafted pieces of furniture without fuss. When used in conjunction with the new MiniPress top drilling and insertion machine, Easystick automatically calculates all fixing positions and the stops automatically move to the correct position.


This sleek and slim box system boasts clear contours, parallel drawer side design and accent lines, with exciting new finishes alongside personalisation options being launched at Kbb.


Blum has evolved its runner system into something even more precise with synchronised smooth running action and advanced adjustment options.


Clip Top Blumotion combines innovative technology with award-winning design and top quality motion for the smallest of spaces, as soft-close Blumotion is seamlessly integrated into the boss. Check out standard and onyx black finishes to take your design to the next level.


This lift system brings top quality motion to wall cabinets, even those with large or heavy fronts, for freedom of movement.

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