Leitz Tooling is still working to support the tooling and tool service needs of those trades working on vital NHS construction projects, as well as other projects ongoing across the UK.

Manufacturing and production on every scale has been disrupted across the UK and globally. Many businesses are continuing to manufacture, and we continue to support the vital tooling services of as many as we can.

Until necessity or UK Government advice specifically instructs otherwise, Leitz Tooling service centres across the UK are open and meeting tooling needs.

Simon Liddell, managing director of Leitz Tooling UK said, “The health of our customers, our business partners and our employees is very important. Our customers’ production processes depend on our tools and services, so we have put in place full measures to better enable us to work together so we can continue to reliably support businesses.” You can find the full information on www.leitz-tooling.com. 


The key points are:

  • Please reach us in the usual way. Customers should contact their Leitz representative, and new enquiries can call or email our UK head office in Harlow.
  • If you do not wish your Leitz representative to visit your premises, or if you need to arrange different frequencies of visit, please let us know.
  • Gather all tooling scheduled for servicing by Leitz and put in a safe place near your factory entrance for our service drivers to collect. This reduces the risk of contact between our staff and yours.
  • Our sales and service representatives wear gloves where practicable, sanitise their respective vehicles in the morning and evening, and will follow Government guidelines as appropriate. 

Have you got the tools I need right now?
Call us! We have increased our stock of popular consumable items and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. For customer-specific tools or profiles stock keeping, contact us now to confirm what you need to maintain your production.

Do I need more tools than usual?
The minimum recommendation is to have one tool on, one tool waiting and one tool in service. However, we advise that you look at your consumable usage for up to 3 months. Remember to consider the impact on the cut quality and wasted product as a result of not having your tools serviced as regularly.

Right now is a difficult time for everybody. But you can also make it a productive time by preparing for when restrictions lift and planning how your business will respond. Productivity, efficiency, quality, waste reduction and flexibility will never have been so important, and the best place to see immediate results is with your tooling.

Finally, today, like every day, we continue to raise funds for Haven House Children’s Hospice. Haven House is a lifeline for hundreds of children and families. They are uncertain of what the future holds and they need our support now more than ever. We will be back to our dedicated fundraising efforts as soon as we are able, under the tireless enthusiasm of our national sales manager Brian Maddox.

In the meantime, please consider donating whatever you can directly: https://www.havenhouse.org.uk/appeal/emergencyappeal

Thank you. Be sensible and stay well.

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