“The times that we are living in can help the change the woodworking sector,” says Salvamac founder Christian Salvador. As of May 2020 the company has initiated the Salvamac Group project.

Analysing the possible consequences that the Coronavirus might emerge with regard to the woodworking sector, he mainstains that internet access will grow exponentially, much more than what has been seen so far and this could favour smaller, more dynamic businesses. 

Christian continues: “the market is the meeting place between offer and demand – and for the offer it can be a great opportunity to overcome the problems of information asymmetry and be seen in places where it would never gone before. The barriers to entry could go down and give a new stimulus and energy to those who want to bring change, the new adventure. We as Salvamac believe in this new era, starting right from our Slogan: #bethechange.”

Ziemowit Dolkowski co-founder of Salvamac says: “During May 2020, we want not only to confirm our choices, share our ideas with our partners as we have done in the past, and how we will do in the future, but also to kick off our new Salvamac Group project. 

“Something greater, a reality that has its roots in our tradition, passion and in the conviction that there are people and interpersonal relations behind all this. Our growth has been greater than 50% in the last year and it was a success that we really did not expect! A success that has not only concerned traditional and already consolidated products but the entire production range and which has led us to the creation of something greater: Salvamac Group.”.

The company is also continuing to move forward in its social and ethical approach to production, innovation by creating a relevant group that is based on the support of four production units in three different countries to obtain a winning mix of Italian heads and heart with dynamics, advantages and the competences of national realities in strong evolution

From this perspective, the Salvamac Group multiplies itself exponentially across three departments.

The Cross-cutting part specialised in the cutting and optimisation of wood, the Air & Painting department where the suction, air filtration, the wood painting systems find their reference point – and finally the brand new Salvamac Selection, an innovation that will be the great natural evolution of the Salvamac project.

Salvamac cross-cutting: solid, simple, safe

A consistent programme focusing on automatic cutting lines, as well as semi-automatic cutters equipped with devices that make them veritable cutting centres. 

The top product of the Salvamac optimisers, the SalvaPush 2000 pusher optimising saw, is presented with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage it simply and completely like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication among all electronic components.

Not only that, the recent developments in bar-code data import and the relative just-in-time management systems – from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product – makes it what Christian descibes as a unique solution on the market for production processes even in single batches. 

Flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions make it possible to communicate both upstream and downstream with company software management, thus creating fundamental principles of industry 4.0. 

The new exclusive mechanical solutions are also present for both the cutting system and the pusher system, solutions that are showing all their potential and flexibility at the customers’ places where the machines work. The applications of the machines in the sector of sofas and special pallets fully confirm the recent developments.

The cutting range is also complemented by the Classic cutting saws, characterised by the Salvamac ‘s triple-S philosophy: Solid, Simple and Safe. As Christian explains: “They are solid because they are designed and made to work even in difficult conditions and of heavy wood. The structure is entirely fabricated from hard painted steel – very thick and very resistant. 

“They are safe thanks to the two-hand safety control in an ergonomic position and the blade protection cover that allows to work in absolute safety. 

“They are simple because the ease of use is increased by the new successful SalvaStop100 device, the evolution of the numerical control length positioning and stop system. It is the real solution to save labor costs, waste of productivity and decrease human errors and finally forget to use the tape measure.”

Ziemowit Dolkowski continues: “We have worked hard to create the exclusive software, easy to use thanks to an immediately understandable and effective, complete, powerful and flexible graphics. It includes five different sections and two different modes. Stop or Push. Also using a 7in-PAD touch screen, in an ideal position for reading and programming, not forgetting the included and installed Internet tele-service software.” 

“Salvastop can be installed on the Classic 40, 50 and 60 models, substantially transforming the entry-level models into semi-automatic cutting centres, made even more interesting by the possibility of interfacing them with the management software already available.”

Salvamac Air&Painting: top notch suction and painting

Salvamac’s history has always focussed on high quality products, and it has been a leading protagonist in various markets, with an offer that ranges from painting booths, equipped with innovative sandwich panels to provide greater resistance and devices that significantly reduce consumption, to the do-it-clean sanding benches.


In addition to the Painting department, which includes optimal solutions for companies of different sizes and needs, Salvamac is able to offer ultra-robust, efficient and portable vacuum cleaners, bag filters or cartridges, as well as complete customised systems. 

This is the stated mission of the Air department, all with the clear intention of exploiting the potential of the internet with more traditional sales and assistance systems, always focusing on what the customer really needs.

In particular, the most recent projects and products confirm Salvamac’s success in the aspirational systems especially the high-tech mobile aspirators of its SuperDep series.

These special high-tech collectors are naurally designed and manufactured using the highest standards. They are very versatile filter groups, which take up little space, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are described as being extremely functional in the extraction of dust and wood chips.

The fan is positioned in such a way as to obtain a negative pressure which prevents the escape of dust in the event of a leak. In addition, the automatic compressed air cleaning system makes them the right ally for those working in the industrial sector of woodworking.

All models achieve a residual dust content of less than 0.1mg/mc and comply with the residual dust level H3.

Salvamac Selection: the change

Salvamac’s new project has seen the creation of the third department, the Salvamac Selection – a selection of different products with the same culture and philosophy that it believes distinguishes the company as an international company.

A novelty that the Christian defines as a real revolution in the market approach: “ Unlike others, I have always believed in the importance of union, of aggregating and I think that today there is an opportunity for a change with strong and positive effects also in the immediate future! 

“Our network and its strength will allow us to introduce new products for the solid wood industry every month, high-quality machines, as in our history, but at a price that allows more companies to choose the technological path. 

“The strategy is clear: to optimise the process and use every possible country advantage to produce machines with the highest quality and affordable prices for the customer: this is the reason for choosing the Salvamac brand: machines that are simple to use and with which it is easier to cut costs and increase profits. 

“A true network creation that gives the missing added value to our customers and to the whole wood industry. We are ready for the new challenge”