Salvamac continues to strenghten its position in the UK market – and somewhat against the grain reporting grows strong growth in the first six months of 2020.

“Considering that we have always had the advantage of having very fast delivery times, we do not expect a drop in turnover for the current year. In fact, we are closing the first six months with a strong growth”, explains Christian Salvador, co-founder of Salvamac. 

“In particular, after a very strong start in the first two months of 2020, we have experienced a decline in March, but orders resumed immediately at a very fast pace from the beginning of May. We have to thank the United Kingdom and Ireland for the results obtained.” In particular, Salvamac continued its growth in both main product ranges comprising technologies from cutting solid wood to suction systems.

“As for the UK market,” continues Christian, “both myself and my friend and partner, Robert, have accumulated a great deal of experience directly in the field by visiting a large number of our customers’ factories. We know the specific requests that come from markets comprising pallet production, garden furnishing and fencing, window frames, or the entire construction industry, without neglecting the resale of semi-finished wooden products and custom-made solid wood furniture. 

“Salvamac was born from this experience of over twenty years, with the aim of being the meeting point between modern technology and even an inexperienced end user. All this has allowed us to confront the Covid19 crisis and to become a leader in the UK market – for us the crisis has become an opportunity!”

A dynamic production reality

It is a success of the Italian-Polish company, which has not considered only the traditional and already consolidated products that had lead to a dynamic production reality in Poland a few years ago. A reality that initially saw a catalogue focused on the Classic 40, 50 and 60 semi-automatic cross-cutting saws – cutting machines that require limited investments but are a decisive step towards a faster, safer and more effective production. A hard core to which new aggregates have been successively added that significantly increase the performance of these undoubtedly ‘simple’ machines, also by means of intelligent loading and unloading systems, as well as automations that allow even small businesses or sophisticated craftsmen to move towards a completely new perspective. 

Inserted into this perspective is SalvaStop100, the electronic saw-stop that manages the pushing, stopping and positioning of the beams and profiles to be cut via the numeric control unit. This safety system, regardless of the material, is extremely precise and works with high speed thanks to a latest generation electronic motor. SalvaStop100 can be easily integrated into the Salvamac cross-cutting saws, thus becoming the SalvaStop Combo.

Thanks to a new technological concept, an anodised 100mm2 section aluminium beam – reinforced and with a thick profile edge – has been created. This beam has three sides with grooves to adapt and install the structure. The fourth side is flat to facilitate the sliding of the wood on the guide, thus avoiding problems of wear and dust.

Due to the considerable dimensions of this solution, the pusher carriage reaches a movement speed of up to 60m per minute. The transmission system has a 32mm wide toothed belt, with high precision internal steel cables, ensuring a wide capacity and a very high positioning tolerance. The machined steel heads are robust and independent, designed to have a long life, and to be highly reliable and precise.

SalvaStop100 is integrated with exclusive software that is easy to use thanks to an immediate, easily understandable and complete graphic interface. The s-PAD colur touch-screen display has been designed to be in a perfect position for reading and writing, also facilitated by a comfortable digital keyboard. In this software, which has a USB connection, the internet teleservice is included and installed. This system has two main operating modes – Stop and Push – and five different sections:

Stop mode for single-length positioning or the possibility of recalling predetermined measurements; Push mode with repeatable fix cycles with 100 possible cutting lists. The software part is completed by: Jog mode and automatic reset, a wide possibility of parameter customisation, as well as a diagnostic and tele-service connection system.

The compact Servo Drive electronic motor guarantees simplicity, reliability, durability and efficiency. With this innovative technology you can manage closed loop positioning, checking the position at any time, even in case of heavy efforts and accidental external pressure.

The motor, mounted in pulling position, has a power of 11Nm and the electrical and electronic inputs and outputs are integrated on the engine itself. Finally, the emergency and start buttons are ergonomically positioned to facilitate the operator’s work.

“I have always considered change as a fundamental evolutionary moment”, says Robert Dolkowski, co-founder of Salvamac, “and even when a moment seems negative, it is actually a great opportunity for growth. We know that the times we live in are not easy, but we are convinced that the spirit of sacrifice combined with ethics and human relationships may be the only solution. With this corporate and personal philosophy, innovation finds continuous space for new ideas, products and production systems.


Innovate, innovate, innovate!

The flagship of Salvamac optimising saws – the optimising cross-cutting saw Salvapush 2000 – is fully part of this philosophy, presenting itself with a brand new version of software that allows anyone to manage the machine with ease. The graphics are instantaneous, the large touch screen allows easy and fast data entry, and all this is completed by digital communication between all electronic components.

The evolution in a totally digital environment has made it possible to achieve high external communication skills, thus easily integrating with company management. Not only this, but also the recent developments in barcode data import and the related just-in-time management systems (from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product) make it a unique solution for the market for single-batch production processes. 

The operator is thus able to manage even the single piece by simply loading the pieces after reading the relative barcode and leaving all the management to the supervisor. Very flexible and advanced technological solutions allow, in fact, to communicate both upstream and downstream with the company software, thus realising the fundamental principles of industry 4.0.

The applications of the machine in the construction components and special pallets sector fully confirm the recent developments.

The new exclusive mechanical solutions are also present for both the cutting and pusher systems – solutions that are demonstrating all their potential and flexibility at the customers where these machines are used.