It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that the team at Weinig UK confirm the sudden and unexpected death of our colleague Kevin Lovell. Kevin died peacefully in his sleep at home on Wednesday 22nd October aged 59.

We, and many others, will miss him greatly. During a long career in the industry, Kevin established himself as a respected and trusted sales manager with a depth and breath of knowledge that enabled him to provide invaluable advice to many companies in the UK. His legacy will live on for many years.

Kevin was a private individual who genuinely enjoyed his life as a bachelor. Golf was an important part of his life outside of work and he often told us his handicap was in single figures – “well nearly,” he would say with a wry smile so characteristic of his dry sense of humour. 

He was also an adventurous cyclist who took part in the London to Brighton Charity Run as part of a Weinig team. On another occasion, while being the perfect gentleman, he stopped for a couple of young ladies at a zebra crossing forgetting he was locked on his bike with cleated shoes. Lying in the road, it’s not hard to imagine his embarrassment, especially when the ladies did not even stop to offer help!

Kevin also was an excellent photographer with a passion for capturing planes on the ground and in the air. The impressive results were often seen as his wallpaper and screensaver by his colleagues at work.

Our thoughts are with his brother Ian at this difficult time. From all of us, thank you Kevin and rest in peace. Goodbye.

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