Modecor is a leading manufacturer and exporter of CPL and HPL laminates from its factory in Saudi Arabia which operates according to EU norms with all required quality certifications such as FSC, ISO 9001 etc. 

We asked sales manager Modecor’s Jos Hormes for his thoughts regarding this year’s challenges and his hopes for 2201. “We are a flexible company so we can provide our customers questions and wishes real fast and real good,” states Jos.

“Because of the short lines, personal contact and our contacts to the European suppliers, we can offer a wide range in interior products. Digital printing on HPL has no secrets for Modecor – and because we are working with our own European designer, our customers have direct contact regarding your requested décor and structure.”

How would summarise 2020 for your firm?

“Although it has been a tough year we are satisfied that production has going on with, of course, the necessary measurements and we even invest in new décors, called the new face collection from Modecor with over 60 new décors and a lot of new textures – take a look on the website”

Can you tell us about future developments and ambitions for 2021?

“Modecor will try to keep the service level high by developing new décors and textures, and by sending out requested samples really fast. We will also present online webinars and invest more and more in the co-operation between developing and final product. A new service will also be the introducing from edges till 104mm width.”