The new software widens clients opportunities to sell their products in different ways

Austrian software specialist, CAD+T has launched a new online shop. The simple and effective planning tool, which is designed to work with CAD+T’s existing ERP and cloud-based software solutions, has been partnered with a fourth-generation configurator tool to create a fully customisable sales tool for furniture designers and manufacturers. 

The new online shop, which has launched in the UK this month, allows users to design and modify furniture designs in the third dimension using fully customisable and pre-designed templates. 

The new online shop allows users to design and modify furniture designs in the third dimension

Users can clearly identify different materials, shapes and sizes in an easy-to-navigate room environment but unlike its predecessor, features can be adapted for different users (including end-users) via an online portal before the software’s configuration software automatically creates the required technical drawings, material requirements, product pricing and cutting lists needed for the next stage of the manufacturing process. 

The updated configurator tool is also no longer limited to use on CAD+T planning and construction modules. Instead, it can be incorporated independently via its own hosting onto web pages or a customer’s e-commerce websites – a desirable function for those modifying their route to market since the pandemic. It’s also scalable, which means there are no limits to the number of servers that can work in tandem with the configurator, and it comes with a fully-customised interface for internal staff members.

Martina Schwarz, CAD+T’s International Sales and Marketing Manager, says: “The new software widens our clients’ opportunities to sell their products in different ways, whilst still having a complete solution that is unique to their business. Whether you’re looking to design a piece of furniture from scratch using our standard configurator tools or offer a bespoke online ordering service, our new software offers an intelligent solution that streamlines screen-to-machine production.

“It’s also fully adaptable and isn’t limited to mainstream furniture manufacturing. We have a customer that creates specialist bed frames that are designed around a person’s height and weight. 

“Our new software allows the customer to input their stats via a website and create their very own, made-to-measure bed. This shows how customisable our software is and the wealth of new opportunities it can offer the manufacturing sector. Plus, with our new cloud-based, SAAS (Software As A Service) compatible technology, customers can benefit from a flexible and powerful one-stop solution designed around their business.”