Timber and panel imports reached 1.08m m3 in November 2020, which was the highest monthly total since the October 2007 volume of 1.04m m3.

This was the second consecutive month where imports of the main timber and panel products were above the 1m m3 mark.

The growth in the imports of the main timber and panel products in November 2020 of nearly 37% is in stark contrast to the 39% reduction in volume in April 2020. 

David Hopkins, CEO of the Timber Trade Federation, said: “This demonstrates that the timber supply chain has been working at full steam trying to meet the unprecedented demand. Record volumes of timber are being brought in and absorbed by the market as quickly as they are coming off the dock, often by previous allocation.

“We can expect construction and renovation to play a large role in these plans, putting extra pressure on supply chains in terms of availability and inflation.

“This has caused problems across the supply chain, particularly the merchant-to-builder route, causing strain and shortages in certain areas.”