The British Furniture Manufacturers is supporting a series of virtual round table events to gauge opinion on the sector’s navigation of the ‘Road to Net Zero’.

BFM MD, Nick Garratt, and Mike Dimond, employment and membership affairs director, are taking part in two sessions to collate insight for a ‘Sentiment of the Sector’ report, which will set out the current and future state of British furniture manufacturing. 

As well as exploring how the sector will meet the sustainability challenges ahead, other themes being discussed include current confidence within the furniture manufacturing sector, the impact of COVID19, and Brexit.

Taking place from 10am to 12noon on Tuesday 16th March and Friday 26th March, the events – hosted by Chris Maguire, executive editor of Business Cloud – are being organised by Businesswise Solutions in partnership with the BFM. 

Frazer Durris, CEO of Businesswise Solutions, is also joining both roundtable sessions.

Nick Garratt said: “Insight will be collected from the two virtual round tables and we’d urge our members to take part so we get a comprehensive overview of the main issues.

“The key objective is to discuss the industry’s Road to Net Zero and the findings from this, and other subject areas, will be presented in a report, set for publication in May this year.”