Global workwear and lifestyle brand Dickies has announced the consolidation of its previously segmented Work and Life brands in Europe. Dickies will move forward as one cohesive apparel brand, with both workwear and lifestyle product ranges available under a united name, Dickies Europe.

Founded in 1922 in Texas, Dickies has stood alongside generations of workers, equipping them with tough, durable workwear. What began as a humble workwear company has grown into a worldwide force, whch has seen Dickies Life evolve as the lifestyle arm of the brand, focused on quality, fit-for-purpose streetwear. Bringing together both work and life product ranges is a natural next step, and representative of a global community of people who have taken inspiration from the traditional world of work and made it their own.

In March, the brand launched the second instalment of United By Dickies, a digital-first campaign championing the dignity of work through traditional artisans and culture drivers. Exploring the human aspect of what it means to be a maker today, the campaign cast a light on the diverse global maker community at the core of the Dickies brand. From metalworkers to painters, ceramicists and beyond, the campaign captured the personal yet universal stories of each, exploring the human beings behind the creative output.

Dickies’ new ecommerce site will maintain a segmented workwear and work-inspired offering, presenting workwear apparel designed for physical and demanding work, alongside work-inspired apparel – hardworking and durable, but worn for leisure and style. This new approach expands the possibilities for wear and reinforces that Dickies has become much more than just clothes to work in.