Confidence is everything in business, and despite the gloomy forecasts Barry Casement, MD of the the high quality kitchens supplier to the building and contracts market in Darwen, Lancashire, was more than confident on the future of his business, so much so that he decided to not only move his manufacturing facility to a larger and more workable space, but also to make large capital investments to ensure a more efficient and productive manufacturing unit. 

With a long history of successful business with RW Machines and knowing their impressive portfolio of state-of-the-art equipment (selection shown below) the choice on where to invest for Interior Contracts’ manufacturing future fell, once again, with the latest and well proven products supplied by RW.

The first objective was to improve the costly and unproductive areas used for incoming boards and their storage, so Mr Casement and his staff were directed by RW to visit the Austrian company Barbaric, supplier of some of the most efficient and cutting edge storage systems available on the market and they had the chance to visit both small and large producers before placing the order for a Board Storage System specifically designed around their manufacturing requirements and set up, including the possibility to handle oversized worktops. 

Interior Contracts had converted early to the nesting process and realised that traditional nesting lines had benefits, but also restrictions with regards linear travel speeds, with 20/25m/min being the best achievable. 

With the invaluable advice from RW Machines, they investigated the potential of the new Anderson GS linear drive CNCs and accepted this was the way forward to achieve routing speeds exceeding 50m/min, a very significant output increase, along with the added benefits of reduced running and maintenance costs. 

To improve further their already high value products, Interior Contracts eliminated the use of the cam and dowel construction, so to achieve a ‘cleaner’ internal cabinet look; this was possible by installing a drilling and dowel inserting machine by the industry specialist Stema Srl. The Stema Tabit can not only drill and insert dowels but has the additional ability to rout push in top fix handles, a feature of today’s most impressive kitchen doors. 

The final piece of the puzzle was to eliminate the bench time in cabinet building and Mr Casement chose to purchase the Closer, a fully automatic (infeed and outfeed) carcass press, from a well established and respected Italian manufacturer: Bonacin, a family business of second generation. 

Once again Interior Contracts moves forward with their long term partner RW Machines Ltd. 

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