(L-R) Mochamad Rizalu Akbar, Trade Attache, Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra Percaya and Adi Winarso, Minister Councillor of Economic Affairs

In a bid to encourage UK timber importers to increase their purchase of legal and sustainable timber from Indonesia, a delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has visited a number of manufacturers across the country. 

With FLEGT and legal and sustainable timber products at the top of their agenda – and led by Indonesian Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Desra Percaya – the delegation visited James Latham, Hanson Plywood, Lambson Building Products and Caravan manufacturer Willerby.

During his visit, the Ambassador reiterated his commitment to further strengthen the mutually beneficial partnership between Indonesia and the UK. “We should seize the momentum of the implementation of UK-Indonesia FLEGT-VPA by seeking creative ways to increase supply sustainability of legal and sustainable timber products from Indonesia and ensure that such high-quality timbers remain as the critical part of the UK industry’s supply chain.”  

As part of their trip, the delegation enjoyed a visit of the Hanson Plywood warehouse where they inspected Indonesian Timber products

“Co-operation should be intensified to add more value to Indonesia’s FLEGT certified timber products and to replicate a similar mechanism with other forest and agriculture commodities. A holistic approach which involves all relevant stakeholders is indispensable. Business and industry associations, as well as consumers and NGOs, play a critical role in shaping perspective and demand, while governments and parliaments from both countries could provide regulatory and market incentives support as stated in the UK-Indonesia FLEGT-VPA.“

UK sales agents and representatives for premium quality timber products from Indonesia, Pacific Rim Wood, who supply a number of timber products to these manufacturers, helped organise the visit. Managing director, Shaun Hannan commented: “It has been an honour to host the visit, which has already been heralded as a major success in helping to raise awareness of Indonesian FLEGT licensed timber products as well as encouraging UK importers and stakeholders to increase their purchase of legal and sustainable timber products from Indonesia.”