Kite Packaging continues to lead the way with its culture of innovation by today announcing the new arrival of a purpose built, state of the art mobile packaging laboratory (MPL). Incorporating a focus on the companies’ green credentials the brand-new mobile facility hosts innovative features, the most up to date equipment, an abundance space and custom-built testing facilities.

The new laboratory accommodates a complete range of packaging machinery and systems to showcase Kite’s broad multitude of solutions available to existing and prospective customers. 

A range of customer packaging solutions can be trialled and tested live in the mobile lab with a purpose-built box testing facility (including a precision multi-access drop test attachment) and state of the art load stability testing function.

Kite has a reputation for their focus on sustainability and so this, their latest generation of mobile facility, has been designed and built to incorporate a green energy solution. 

The trailer section of the MPL is entirely run-on solar power taken from the roof mounted panels. The plastic panels which make up the interior of the laboratory are made from 80% recycled content demonstrating that at any opportunity, Kite will continue to help the planet.

Gavin Ashe, Kite Packaging managing partner, comments that “This new MPL represents a significant investment by Kite to help our customers find a more efficient and greener packaging solution. It allows us to take what is probably the best equipped packaging innovation and testing facility directly to our customers.”