Since its launch, Space-Plug has grown into a recognised and professional solution for kitchen and furniture fitting. With an innovation award from FIRA and sales in excess of 5.5 million units, there’s no doubt this ‘handy orange doofer’ as it’s often referred to, has certainly made its mark in the KBB industry.

Inventor and MD, Cliff Petit states: “Wren Kitchens have been an incredible partner for us. Our inclusion with their units is a wonderful opportunity to reach volume whilst retail distribution has bolstered growth and provided valuable resources.”

Currently, Amazon hosts Space-Plug’s entire range with further distribution coming from Howdens, Screwfix, Toolstation and Axminster – but in the latest addition to the company’s distribution strategy, Space-Plug is announcing a host of new partnerships and a brand new outlet.

Currently, was designed in house: “We’re a family run business and have to turn our hands to many things,” explains Cliff, “my brother, Nige, managed to self-teach some basic WordPress skills and what we’ve had is something hopefully humorous and attractive but simply there to increase awareness of the product and an understanding of it’s potential. But with the scale of the following we now have, a more commercial relaunch is very much in order.”

Space-Plug has teamed up with some big brands and great offers via, an independent tool shop specialist with the ability to add some real value for Space-Plug shoppers. The new site on is planned to go live on September 8th and will offer the entire Space-Plug range of products and accessories plus a whole lot more.

“Byggan not only gives us the opportunity to offer a whole host of hand tools, tool kits and consumables but also some cracking big brands such as, Caterpillar, Everbuild and Tracer – all independently sourced and kept at genuine online margins.” 

But there’s more than Space-Plug and tools – with Space-Plug being invented by a former fitter, the companyn is  well set to bring in other great fitter-led proprietary products that promise great innovation, simplicity and effectiveness having been created by people, ‘on the tools’.

“The U-Scribe Jig is joining us and their answer to clamping fillets during scribe marking is another brilliant ‘no-brainer’ that helps installers no end to a superfast and super professional finish,” says Cliff. “We’re incredibly delighted to be able to stock this simple and invaluable time-saver.

“In addition to that, Fixol is designed in Belgium offers possibly the finest universal drawer kit on the market. If you want to create drawers around sinks and pipes in kitchens or bathrooms, Fixol is the kit to have.” 

Space-Plug offers proprietary products, assessed and valued by people who have done the job. Then adding in some great names, great products and great tools, iced with a suitable dollop of great brands, is looking like a recipe for success.