The UK’s most established bed manufacturer is continuing to develop its environmental sustainability policy, by generating its own electricity through solar power. Reaching a huge milestone, Sleepeezee, which has maintained its carbon neutral status for four years, is getting 665 energy saving solar panels fitted across its entire 1130m2 manufacturing facility in Kent. 

The panels will help generate power for 25% of the manufacturing plant’s energy, while the remaining 75% will be purchased through renewable electricity. To carry out the project, Sleepeezee has joined forces with Hemel Hempstead based, solar equipment supplier BeBa Energy UK. 

Steve Warren, managing director at Sleepeezee said: “This is an important step for the company, as it is helping us to further reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations.

“Renewable energy is a crucial component in the UK’s plans to be a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, and the manufacturing industry has an important role to play in helping the Government to achieve this. At a £180,000 investment in total for Sleepeezee, we are fully committed to driving the business forward in more considered and sustainable practices.”

BeBa director, Shaun Beattie commented, “It is an honour to work alongside Sleepeezee on this exciting project. Climate change is a threat to us all and therefore the responsibility of everyone including businesses and individuals, to play their part in reducing carbon emissions.

“By choosing to power a significant portion of their operations via solar panels, not only will Sleepeezee take control of a proportion of their energy costs they will make a considerable dent in their carbon footprint.”

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. This latest undertaking by Sleepeezee, will contribute more than 46K KG CO2 reduction per year and create a lifetime of carbon savings equating to almost six million miles driven by car, five million miles flown by plane and the planting of over 30,000 trees.