Colourful feeds, streaming services, Spotify ... new inspirations and ideas are available 24/7 today. The choice is huge, and always on the move. At international decor printer, Interprint, the contemporary answer to this is Press Play – a constantly expanding decor playlist that picks up on current trends and, above all, always evolves when trends emerge.

But, states Interprint, there is also a realisation of how important it is not to lose sight of what is essential: “It is a journey that leads us back to nature,” says Interprint. “It is a reaction to humanity’s alienation from nature, and is the growing realisation that we are part of nature and can only live well if nature is doing well. Threats from climate change, global pandemics and economic recession have accelerated this realisation. 

“The boundaries between inside and outside, between nature and architecture, are blurring. Natural materials such as wood, earth and neutral colours, a blend of textures, plenty of natural light, glass walls and greenery are some of the elements that can bring nature inside. The home is no longer just the house.

“Justus is just one of Interprint’s decor responses to the trend of bringing nature into your home. Smoothed putty, dark traces of water and cracks that have turned black with age – each of Justus’ shades has a soul. Be it light or dark – inspired by 400-year-old beams from Allgäu, the narrow oak design becomes the perfect companion for rough materials such as metal and stone or unicolors.”