Jodie Mack (left)

Jodie Mack joins Blum after a career including teaching sport at a school in Cambridge, followed by sales jobs in the catering industry. With time on her hands in lockdown, Jodie developed a hobby and passion for upcycling furniture, at one point having five pieces filling her garage! She really enjoyed the technical challenges involved.

With a move to Leighton Buzzard came the opportunity to move careers again, and in June 2021 Jodie joined Blum as a Product Support Advisor. “As a hands-on person, the technical role appealed to me. I had no experience in the kitchen industry, so the role also gave me the challenge of pushing myself and widening my skill set and knowledge in a completely new industry. The role offers a huge variety from day to day which is great. Blum is a wonderful company to work with – my team is so supportive, and Blum is providing me with the stepping stones to become the best I can.”

Nathan Sydney (right)

I’ve worked in various customer service roles over the last 13-14 years, from PC World to Portakabin.

“I have always enjoyed practical work and believe I have a strong technical mind. The job opportunity at Blum allowed me to make use of my extensive customer service experience but also allowed me to utilise and develop my practical skills. The variety of tasks that the technical team gets involved in was a massive attraction for me since my last job was always the same day to day and I was losing interest.

“I am part of the technical team offering advice and technical services to our customer and partners. My focus going forward with be assembly devices so I will be working more with our machines, learning more about them and doing service and commissioning work. I am now part of the warehouse maintenance team and will be servicing our warehouse crane system.

I have really enjoyed my first three months at Blum, lots of variety, great training structure and made to feel very welcome. The office is a fantastic place to work, very comfortable and all the equipment we use is always to a very high standard.”