2022 will be a landmark year for Maka as it celebrates its 70th anniversary, and the new year has already started positively for the company with a full order book, improved structure, and new and exciting innovations for five-axis and multi-axis high performance solutions for furniture and joinery manufacturers.

The company, founded in 1952 by Max Mayer, got off to a brilliant start with the patented swing mortising chisel, which quickly gained a leading role in processing doors and stairs. The company’s path was characterised by enduring innovations, on the basis of customer-specific solutions with a high degree of automation.  

The 1980s saw the introduction of five-axis CNC systems and since then the company has established itself as one of the foremost partners in the world for the furniture and joinery manufacturing industry.

Consistent digitisation strategy

Innovations, with constant development and fine tuning of application-specific manufacturing systems became the hallmark of the Maka brand, along with outstanding high-quality, robust and reliable equipment.

Developments continue in 2022 with the introduction of digitisation.

Digital twin

One such development, with Siemens One, enables the design and assembly of machines to establish how they perform, with simulation and optimisation of all machining processes before the machine has even been assembled.  

Production time and lead times are minimised, reducing costs.

This same technology is also introduced to the end-user, to define and test new production processes, enabling new component parts to quickly go from screen to machine smoothly, and run right first-time.

3D machine and component models and subsequent programmes can be created 100% digitally, and simulated in real-time. This achieves a significant acceleration of production set-up time.

Control technology in focus

Maka Systems is one of the first German machine manufacturers to offer the new Siemens Sinumerik One control.  

With the latest modern, networked production and control technology, Maka provides open-access to all CAD/CAM tools, clamping devices and handling systems that are customary in industry.

Modibase network protection

As part of a joint research project with Fraunhofer institute, Maka Modibase adds integrated IT to the machine. This networks operational components, and at the same time protects it from possible threats from the Network.

The Maka Modibase contains a secure gateway for remote maintenance and, for the first time, offers the option of automatically backing up all data, programmes and parameters of the machine.

At the same time, Maka has advanced the development of new machines and improvements to details. New tool changing systems and spindle drives ensure more flexibility, higher productivity and better energy efficiency.

High process capability expanded 

Maka’s strength has been to set itself apart from its competitors, with a high level of process competence. This is being expanded further. The company not only supplies leading technology and performance, but also supports them, above all, in the development of suitable manufacturing strategies.

To this end, Maka has increased its personnel and created new structures, to provide even higher quality support and service for the end-user.