There are many new features related to SCM software and digital services, with particular reference to CNC machining centres, and they are part of a truly integrated ecosystem – the “Digital Integrated Woodworking Process”.

This is a collection of digital and integrated technologies – i.e. software and digital services – that interact to define what products are to be manufactured, as well as how and when they are to be manufactured.

Within this framework, SCM software and digital services can support customers at every stage of their process in creating furniture. The company’s innovations for 2022 concern all these stages.

Preparation – Maestro CNC

The first step is to prepare the information, data and programs for the production. Design, CAD-CAM software and simulators can dramatically shorten time and reduce errors from the office to the machines.

According to Maestro’s software mission, SCM provides specific software to support customers in the design, optimisation and data generation for the machines in the shop floor.

In the office, before the production, the design and programming system, Maestro CNC presents new updates and features. Maestro CNC is the CAD-CAM software for the design of the workpiece and it ensures that all the machining operations are quickly and easily programmed thanks to smart functions – app and macros libraries – built to program with just a mouse click. Another click and CNC programs are automatically generated.

Maestro CNC offers large graphic previews of the workpiece with the machine operations, the machine and of the tools together with immediate functions which are able to the most comfortable use and best result.

Also in evidence Maestro proview, the 3D Simulator software that allows users the access to a three dimensional model of their machine in their office and to overview the operations that will be carried out during the production in advance on their PC.

Planning and optimisation

Once all production data have been defined, it’s time to optimize, schedule and plan the jobs and the production. Production scheduling and planning can be handled with dedicated software, the so-called MES (Manufacturing Execution System). On the other hand, optimisation has to do with incrementing processes such as cutting, drilling or routing.

• Maestro easyFLOW is the newborn plug&play MES software powered by SCM that ensures well-executed production plans, complete visibility and optimization of production and processes across the enterprise. Maestro easyFLOW is extremely simple to use and able to support even small businesses with programming and production flow management as well as 4.0 interconnection.   

• Maestro Power TMS is the new software of the new Accord 500/600 CNC machining centres for solid wood machining. It further optimises and simplifies tool management. Thanks to this program that maximises the ability of the storage and optimises programming, there is no need for the operator to waste time and energy in looking for the most suitable tool: the software will identify and indicate the tool’s exact position in the storage thus minimising machining times.

Production: Maestro Active CNC

Smart manufacturing employs different technologies to make machines more and more intelligent, smart and interactive. In this concept, a smart factory has machines provided with HMI software facilitating the user experience and interaction with the machine.

Maestro active is the unified operator interface software for all SCM technologies, including CNC machining centres. A single operator can easily and safely manage multiple machines at a time, thanks to the consistency maintained between all interfaces: regardless of the machine, Maestro active maintains the same look and feel, thus ensuring the same approach to interaction.

The new interface has been specifically designed and optimised for immediate use via touch screen. Graphics have been redesigned for simple and comfortable navigation, with tablet-like icons on touch screen controller.

Productivity has been improved thanks to integrated help and recovery procedures that reduce the possibility of error from the operator’s side.

Monitoring and servicing: Maestro connect

Once the production has been started and for the whole life cycle of the machine, Maestro Connect Digital Service platform ensures machine status monitoring, maintenance optimization, issue management, spare parts suggestions, smart learning as well as augmented reality service support with Smartech.

The Maestro Connect IoT platform is linked to the new ‘My SCM’ portal. This is a new service where customers and partners can open tickets for technical assistance and track the status of their requests. By tracking all support requests, SCM Service can manage the cases in an easier and more effective way, cutting off waiting times and providing faster solutions.

The ticketing service is just one of the many services available on the portal and all customers and partners who have connected machines, can enter the platform IoT Maestro Connect through it.

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