VWM Woodworking Machines will be showcasing a range of classic and CNC machines at its July open event – taking place between 6th – 8th July 2022, at the company's Trawden showroom (Lodge Holme, Skipton Road, Trawden, Lancashire, BB8 8RA). 

Visitors will be treated to live demonstrations of a number of the company's new machines, including the brand-new Technos Start CNC, designed for companies looking to begin working in CNC manufacturing, and the new Omaksan Holemaster 1030, which is an ultra-fast five-side CNC drilling machine, perfect for any kitchen, bedroom, or furniture manufacturer. 

The company's range of premier-quality Dominion classical woodworking machines, including new spindle moulders, thicknessers, and planers, will also be demoed for those interested in purchasing a new piece of classic woodworking equipment. 

Edgebanders from industry leaders, Lange and OAV, will also feature as part of the live demonstration schedule, and from leading CNC brand Casolin, you can expect to see demonstrations of a fully programmable spindle moulder, and a range of CNC panelsaws and thicknessers. 

Lastly, a vast range of Robland machinery will be on display, catering for varying budgets and many different requirements. 

VWM Woodworking Machines' team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the live demonstrations, and can advise you on the different types of woodworking machinery available, as well as best practices and efficient manufacturing techniques for each. 

Guest should feel free to turn up on any of the three days, but in order for VWM Woodworking Machines to get an idea of numbers, and to ensure the event is well catered, the company would appreciate it if you could book your FREE tickets here today.