Steve Morrow has joined the Kenyon Group team as Technical Sales South & UK Sales Manager.

Steve has been in the adhesives industry for 18 years, mainly in the hot-melt sector. His experience covers sectors such as woodworking, furniture, packaging, automotive and many other product assembly areas. Steve started his career in mechanical engineering and has continued into the adhesives industry with a technical approach to solving customers’ bonding requirements.

Steve joins the team as the Kenyon Group continues to grow and expand into new markets and new products. The Kenyon Group have supplied the furniture industry in the UK for decades. With the changes to materials, technology and processes, The Kenyon Group have expanded their range of products to suit this market and many others. Our main focus products, such as hot-melt adhesives, PVA and contact adhesives, will continue to be important parts of the range and are available from stock at the Oldham location. New products are added to the range to suit customers’ needs. Information on Kenyon's range can be found on its website.

As we move through 2022 and onto 2023, The Kenyon Group says it will continue to grow within the furniture, woodworking and other markets such as packaging and print and graphics. Steve will oversee this growth and will work closely with our sales team, suppliers and customers to ensure we continue to give the quality customer service and products the market demands.

Contact Steve on 07960047020 or