Taka have developed a range of PUR adhesives that has been completed in recent years to cover all processes in the furniture industry.

TK2308.38P for profile and panel wrapping, TK2308.25P for profiles with complex geometries or rigid films, and TK2308.25PV for CPL.

The use of CPL has been increasing significantly in recent years in the production of interior doors due to its high scratch and water resistance, which in combination with the HMPUR glue, gives doors and jambs a very high durability.

To continue our journey through the product range, we need to talk about panel finishing with roller coater, where we use products with longer open times than glues for slot nozzle application. In this range we have the TK2308.40 for processes with different kinds of foils and the TK2308.75 for working with thicker materials such as HPL in sheets. The latest addition in the TAKA range is the TK2308.33, which is suitable for both applications: the slot nozzle and the roller coater for foiling flat panels with thin foils.

Finally, to have a full picture of the adhesives for the furniture industry, we need to mention a product for edgebanding such the TK3308.20 or the TK3308.5 with a transparent glue line for edges of various kinds and colours.

We have listed several products known for their high quality and performance in the furniture industry that can be used for various processes, but is this enough?

Based on the experience gained by TAKA-WPR over the years,  we can confirm that even the best adhesive, if not applied correctly, may not lead to a final product that meets the quality requirements of today’s market.

The exhaustive experience of WPR (wrapping machines) and Taka (polyurethane hot melt adhesives) have lead to the creation of the WPR-TAKA ACADEMY to work alongside each customer to optimise production processes, choosing the most suitable adhesive and suggesting the correct parameters for the above process to help guarantee the best possible production outcome and high customer satisfaction.

The WPR-TAKA Academy is always available for production audits and different training programs for both operators and production managers.

TAKA-WPR will also exhibiting be at SICAM in hall 10 booth A15.

To find out more, contact the WPR-TAKA Academy at academy@wprtaka.it or their UK agent Anthony Rook from BRIT-AD LTD. 07484 341294 - arook.ba@gmail.com - www.britishadhesives.co.uk