Earlier this year REHAU and Decorative Panels Lamination announced a new industry partnership, one which will see many benefits for both companies; increasing Rehau’s opportunity to sell laminated materials into the UK market on short, reactive lead times whilst allowing dp-lamination to add value to the product in terms of supplying the surface laminated onto board.

REHAU is constantly adding to and evolving collections to enable them to keep their product offering up to date and relevant for customers. The latest RAUVISIO Noble Matt collection encompassing Noir HPLs and Brilliant Matt designs do just that and are the perfect addition to the dp-limitless range.

Having been a customer of Rehau edging for over 20 years, the Decorative Panels Group have already established a great relationship. In recent years they have introduced their surface materials to their customer base starting with the RAUVISIO Crystal collection and have now expanded the offering to include the RAUVISIO Noble Matt collection.

Olive Detour from the RAUVISIO matt collection

RAUVISIO Crystal Decor uses a 2mm transparent PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) surface over a high quality impregnated digital print stone decor giving it a depth that looks like the real thing – be it wood or stone.

Then there is RAUVISIO Crystal Mirror which has unrivalled light and flat reflection values that compare with a real glass mirror, but with half the weight and 10 times more break resistance.

RAUVISIO Noir Laminate a collection of 12 matt finishes with a robust HPL (High Pressure Laminate) surface, perfect for horizontal and vertical application with matching balancer.

RAUVISIO Brilliant Matt is available in eight colours and matching balancer. Perfect for vertical applications and harmonise excellently with RAUVISIO Noir HPL collection.

Boxcar Blonde from the RAUVISIO matt collection

All of these are part of the dp-limitless range of specialised, decorative, and high-performance products available in a limitless number of possibilities. There is no commitment to purchasing in bulk and the offer is deliverable in quantities from as little as just one board.

Detail is everything in this industry, and because Rehau scientifically test in lab conditions to meet or exceed the highest standards from the German kitchen industry – as set by AMK and TUV – this sets their products apart from others on the market. For example, there are other brands that offer vertical and horizontal surfaces in a soft touch with a scratch resistant surface.

However, when you measure the light reflection at acute angles, some products on the market no longer look matt and you can see a reflection, as well as scratches not rubbing out with a sponge, or marks being left upon impact. None of these issues arise with the RAUVISIO Noble Matt collection.

Midnight Dash from the RAUVISIO matt collection

Trends have moved from high-gloss to soft-touch matt surfaces and are now extremely popular and in demand from furniture and joinery manufacturers.

The colour palette of the new RAUVISIO matt collection is perfect for the current market from the deep shades of After Dark, Olive Detour and Midnight Dash through to the contemporary take on greys and whites. Application includes doors throughout the home and all worktops including kitchens.

You can easily achieve the ‘all over’ trend within a kitchen using the matching horizontal and vertical finishes. Manufacturers want quality materials that can be sourced and processed easily, with a consistency that compliments their workmanship and allows them to offer a perfect finish on every product.

Available now, the RAUVISIO Noble Matt collection is available from stock at Decorative Panels Lamination for nationwide delivery. Surfaces are supplied laminated onto board direct to the customer ready for processing. For cut and edged panels, Decorative Panels can put you in touch with one of their regional conversion partners. All surfaces can be laminated as sheet size 2800mm x 1300mm x 18mm MDF with lead times of four to six weeks.

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