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With electricity prices at an all-time high, there will never be a better time to invest in Ecogate’s energy-saving technology… and now you can see the potential savings for your business at the click of a button!

Ecogate has been making headlines in the UK for over 10 years now, and this innovative energy-saving technology has been proven worldwide to significantly reduce energy usage for process industries. In the woodworking industry, cost savings in excess of 50% are easily achievable – that’s half price electricity – and, with a payback on investment being typically less than two years, the savings will just keep on coming.

Ecogate’s greenBOX MASTER Control Unit displays system status and continuously monitors energy savings in real-time.

Ecogate equipment can be fitted into any existing extraction system, and the installation process can be undertaken with only minimal interruption to your production. Ecogate’s automatic dampers are connected into the ductwork serving each of your machines, and sensors attached to each machine signal the Ecogate “greenBOX” controller to open and close the dampers as machines come on or off-line. Simultaneously, the greenBOX instructs the PowerMASTER variable speed drive unit to adjust fan speed to exactly match the new demand for extraction.

With Ecogate installed, the fan no longer runs continuously, at full speed, for eight hours a day. Since machines constantly stop and start during production, as well as at break times, the extraction only needs to operate at 80% of capacity, on average, but the 20% reduction in fan usage generates a huge 50% reduction in power consumption.

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