Meet Dan Clements, TM Machinery’s new Engineer

A self-proclaimed history buff and avid pub quiz goer, Dan started his career in the British Army as a Tank Crewman for the Heavy Cavalry Unit. His role, which spanned over eight years, saw him complete tours in Afghanistan and gain qualification in mechanics and telecommunications. This stood him in good stead for future roles as a PDI Engineer and later, embarking on two Service Engineer roles in the woodworking industry.

Dan says, “I’ve always had an interest in engineering and how things work. I joined the British Army after I left school and I spent a lot of my time learning how to install, maintain and fix diesel engines. Getting stuck in was great fun but my progress had hit a bottleneck and I wanted to put my qualifications to good use on Civvy Street.”

Dan’s background in mechanical engineering, teamed with his proven problem-solving skills and long-standing interest in technology lead him to become an engineer, joining TM Machinery in December 2022. “I’ve gained experience working on a wide range of panel and solid wood machines and it’s been fantastic working on prestigious brands like Striebig vertical panel saws,” says Dan. “Whilst I enjoy working with classical machinery, I get the most job satisfaction from installing and maintaining panel processing machinery as it can bring up more challenges. I thrive on finding solutions to problems and I get a real sense of pride when I finish a machinery install. I often stand back and think, I’ve made this five-tonne machine run as sweet as a nut. That’s pretty awesome. I’m sure it’s a feeling many engineers have but it doesn’t grow old.”

Meet Ashleigh Wheeler, TM’s new Service Co-Ordinator

Mother to a cheeky five-year old daughter and a mischievous miniature dachshund called Nasha, Ashleigh joined the growing Leicester-based machinery distributor in November 2022 and has quickly become an integral part of TM’s Support Team.

Starting her working life as a chef, Ashleigh hung up her chef’s whites eight years later to become a project co-ordinator  within the Biomass Boiler industry. Whilst the two roles could be considered as different as chalk and cheese, her background as a chef stood her in good stead for the role. “

To be able to function well in a commercial kitchen, you need good time-management skills and the ability to prioritise,” explains Ashleigh. “Attention to detail is really important, as well as working effectively in a team. You also need a certain level of determination to get the job done, even when the going gets tough.”

If you’re yet to speak to Ashleigh, don’t let her quiet disposition fool you. Her strong work ethic, organisational ability and great communication skills make her a great fit and have seen her hit the ground running. Now part of a tight-knit team and working closely with the Service Manager and spare parts division, Ashleigh is proving to be a great addition to the business.

Ashleigh says: “The camaraderie in the office makes it a great place to work. It speaks volumes that some people have been with the company for as long as 30 years. Being part of such a close team is something I really enjoy. We each have our own responsibilities and we’re all dedicated to doing a good job - it makes a huge difference.”

Matt Pearce, Managing Director of TM Machinery adds: “It’s great to add two new faces to our growing team. We are dedicated to providing a great service and ongoing support to our customers and with help from Dan and Ashleigh, we’re able to continue to offer the very best service.”

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