The TOPPAN board of Directors has named Jens Bauer Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of INTERPRINT Group. He succeeds Hideo Yoshikawa who served as CEO since 2019.

Jens Bauer has been working for INTERPRINT since 1995 in various responsibilities, among them as Managing Director of INTERPRINT, Inc. in Pittsfield, MA, USA and as Managing Director of INTERPRINT´s previous owner, Wrede Industrieholding GmbH & Co. KG, until he assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer of INTERPRINT Group in 2018. He will continue to carry the responsibility as CFO.

Hideo Yoshikawa has been working for TOPPAN since 1978 in many overseas assignments in the USA and Europe, among them as Managing Director of TOPPAN Interamerica, Inc., Atlanta, GA, USA and as Managing Director of TOPPAN Europe GmbH, Düsseldorf. He has been very successfully promoting the internationalisation of TOPPAN´s décor business activities by initiating and supporting the related strategic steps in the USA and Europe, including the acquisition of INTERPRINT group in 2019.

The remaining top management team stays unchanged with Robert Bierfreund carrying the responsibility as Chief Operating Officer, Holger Dzeia as Chief Sales Officer and Stephan Igel as Chief Business Development Officer.