AMS along with the Wadkin Bursgreen Training Academy work side-by-side with the HSE to update regulations and rules in the woodworking industry for the training courses and improve noise and vibration in their academy to protect their trainers and training attendants.

Scott from the HSE said: “We are very happy that companies like AMS works continually updating content to ensure the latest regulations and rules are reflected in their Woodworking Training Courses and Installations. Scott continues: “For many years, we have been working across many industrial sectors, and the tasks facing us will involve getting high-profile tooling manufacturers to work with us.

AMS has been providing woodworking training courses for more than 15 years with schools and colleges but since 2022, they opened their own training academy in Leicestershire with its own trainers, material and methods.

Phil, one of the trainers in the Wadkin Bursgreen Academy, said: “Using our extensive industry experience and knowledge, we created our Woodworking Machinery Training Courses from scratch.

“We designed a specific manual for every machine unit, keeping in mind all the parts of each machine, its risks and its rules. We are very proud of our training method and materials.”

Phil continues: “We tailored every training course to our customers’ needs and our courses are 95% of the time at the machine, and 5% in the class. We believe the best method to teach them about woodworking machines is next to the own machine, and we see that most of the attendees prefer it too.”

Companies and individuals looking for training have the possibility to carry out the training in their own workshop or at the Wadkin Bursgreen Academy in Skeffington (Leicestershire). In February, AMS organised two training days in their academy with different customers and it was a huge success.

Steve, director of training, said: “We had two days of training at our academy with over eight companies coming for chainsaw training courses and another four companies for planer moulder training courses. We launched it for the first time in February and it was a huge success so, we don’t know yet when the next training days in-house will be, but it will definitely be soon.”

Unfortunately today there is still a large number of accidents related to then use and operation of woodworking machines – bad accidents that they could avoid in 99% of the cases if those concerned had received the appropriate training.

Wadkin Bursgreen’s academy provides training courses for all woodworking machines from those used novice woodworkers to trainers.

“The most popular training courses are the general woodworking machine training course, the refresher and novice training courses. Our cross-cutting chainsaw training course and our Profile Moulder Setting & Operator Training are becoming more and more popular in the industry,” says Steve.

“Our moulder and grinder courses are very popular with traditional moulders/high speed moulders and HSK moulder courses all available from AMS-Wadkin Bursgreen. Those attending can learn all about woodworking machines and chainsaws and ask the trainers – with more than 30 years in the industry– all their questions.”

To discuss training requirements, contact a member of the AMS team on and you will receive a formal quote in 24 hours.

Further information about the Wadkin Bursgreen Training Academy is available on the company’s website.