Holz-Her’s Epicon 7235 five-axis CNC is simple and speedy to set up


When faced with a demanding production schedule, we know it’s difficult to justify a day away from your workshop but Weinig’s three-day Window Manufacturing open-house could give you the answers you’ve been looking for. If you’re struggling to recruit or you’re looking to grow your business but you are unsure how you can integrate your existing traditional manufacturing methods with the latest technology and automation, Weinig is here to help.

From the 18th-21st April, you are invited to Weinig’s Abingdon-based showroom to explore how modern technology and automation can help window manufactures of all sizes work more efficiently when faced with today’s challenging market.

Unicut P cross cut saw

In response to the growing skills shortage facing the woodworking industry, Weinig has introduce a range of machines that provide different levels of automation and perform jobs that were previously undertaken by skilled, or semi-skilled craftsman. Specifically chosen for this event, each machine on show will offer a real insight into the benefits of automation. Plus, it highlights just how easy it is for a single low-skilled worker to operate a machine safely and effectively and have a positive impact on production output and efficiencies.

From cross-cutting and planing to the creation of complex window and door parts, Weinig has a solution.

Tailored demonstrations will take place during the event, reflecting your production requirements and budget, including:

Cube – the four-sided planer is ten times faster than conventional machines and has built its success on its compact size, simple operation and exceptional level of flexibility. Its iconic ‘plug and play’ concept has set the benchmark when it comes to quick and easy operation and its standard working height of 8-160mm, working width of 15-260mm and feed speed of 6-12m/min, allow workpieces to be planed perfectly on four sides in a single pass.

Weinig’s Profimat 30 is a superb entry-level five-spindle moulder

Worried about space requirements – the Promifat 30 only takes up 1.5 × 1m

Weinig has redefined the balance between price and performance with the launch of the Profimat 30

Profimat 30 – small but mighty, this entry-level five-spindle moulder is engineered with low-maintenance components for exceptional reliability and low running costs. It offers impressive energy-saving features, too and a cleverly-designed dust extraction system that requires 20% less energy than comparable machines. It also comes in at an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Unicut P cross cut saw – up to four times quicker than a manual cross-cut saw and offering a repeatable, highly accurate cut, Weinig’s automatic cross-cut saw is the ideal machine for fixed-length cutting. It offers maximum yield through the full optimisation of a cutting list and, while highly efficient, requires very little operator skill thanks to a clear and concise interface that provides step-by-step instructions.

Epicon 7235 – ideal for a first-time CNC user, this five-axis CNC offers medium-to-large stair, window, door and panel producers precise and repeatable results at the touch of button. Simple, speedy set-up and effective material handling is the order of the day with the Epicon and it is equipped with a wealth of solutions to reduce set-up times, eliminate costly downtime and help you meet demanding production schedules.

Stegherr KSF-Mini & KF-Mini – ideal for the smaller workshop, the Stegherr KSF-Mini (a small cross-bar milling machine for use on cross joints and profiled bars) and the KF-Mini (an end-scribing machine designed for the production of sashes) offer a straight-forward, affordable solution when manufacturing window components.

Malcolm Cuthbertson

Malcolm Cuthbertson, MD of Weinig UK says: “It’s our job to keep our customers abreast of current market conditions and key production trends. The labour shortage is a crucial factor in this and one that all businesses in our industry need to tackle. Not only can our range of machines help you revise your entire manufacturing process to reduce labour, they are affordable and offer valuable future-proofing that will see your company continue to work efficiently both today and in the future.

“Companies that shy away from change often do so because they don’t know how to evolve or what steps to take, when. Adapting your production methods isn’t without its challenges. That’s why it is important to work with a company like Weinig that has experience in helping companies of all sizes to expand their businesses and modernise their production processes. It’s our job to guide you through the entire process – from entry-level machine processing to complete window manufacturing – and offer you ongoing support and advice. We are with you every step of the way.

“Our Window Manufacturing in-house event is the perfect opportunity to explore the vast number of options available to you and talk to our experienced and knowledge team about how to move your company forward. We looking forward to welcoming you to Abingdon this April.”

Weinig’s Window Manufacturing in-house event takes place at Weinig UK from the 18th-20th April.

For more information or to register, go to https://holzher.deals/uk/connect