Advanced Machinery Services, with the trademark Wadkin Bursgreen has supplied all the woodworking machinery for a completely new packing factory in Wolverhampton.

Showell Packing was established in Wolverhampton on 7th May 1981. They are export packers producing specialised timber packaging across a broad range of sectors.

Last year, Showell Packing contacted AMS seeking to replace all of their machinery to improve efficiency within their already well-run operation as part of their process of continuous improvement as well as speed up their production, improve the finish of their products and make the operators jobs easier with more reliable machines.

Stuart Howard, a Director of Showell Packing said: “Because AMS have handled the maintenance and repair of our machinery for several years, when we decided that it was the moment to change our machines, a member of our management team visited AMS Showroom in Leicestershire for a demonstration. The visit was very informative and we were able to gain a thorough understanding of how the new machinery could help to advance our existing processes.

The AMS Showroom has more than 35 machines on display and ready for a demonstration. The fact that you can see the machine in situ, try them cutting some wood and ask all the questions that you have to their experts, helps a lot to clarify technical doubts and see how they are going to improve your workshop.

Showell Packing bought three crosscuts, one WB500 Auto CNC and two WB500X Upcut saws, a WB3216 Premium Plus Wall saw, a WB 600H Narrow Bandsaw, a Wadkin Bursgreen BSW/HD Rip saw, 3 Bag extraction units and a Rebuilt Wadkin PBRhd re-saw.

Stuart Howard said: “We are very happy with the Wadkin Bursgreen Machines. We manufacture specialised timber packaging with these machines. They are used on a daily basis for around 8 hours each and they have proved to be excellent so far".

He continues: “AMS were proactive in meeting our requirements and provided excellent service in respect of delivery & installation – the AMS engineers planned the installation around our current working requirements. Also, we received comprehensive training from the Wadkin Bursgreen trainers which was invaluable and well delivered. This level of excellence matches that which we are already accustomed to receiving from AMS in respect of service & maintenance.”

When you get a Wadkin Bursgreen machine from AMS, you don't get just a machine, but a whole team of experts at your side ready to guarantee you a comprehensive service in your workshop.

For your peace of mind, AMS has regional engineers throughout the UK for installations, maintenance and breakdowns; they can supply spare parts and tooling as well as operator training courses with an accredited certificate valid for 5 years. Is possible to get all what you need in your woodworking workshop from one supplier? Yes, it is possible with AMS.

Becky Faulkner, a Manager at Showell Packing said: “We have been happy with AMS from first contact and this happiness has only increased as we have realised the efficiencies of the machinery compared to that which it replaced.

She continued: “We shall certainly choose AMS again in the future and we encourage other current and potential AMS customers to put their faith in the AMS team with whom we are so impressed”.

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