From left: Johan Hallin, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture at Välinge Innovation with Maria Florczuk, Forte Group board member


Forte, as a leading European manufacturer of self-assembly furniture, announced today that it has partnered with Swedish company Välinge and been granted a licence to use the revolutionary new Threespine ID click furniture technology.

Maria Florczuk, Board Member of Forte Group: “Forte’s mission is to create a better home. That is why when I first saw Välinge’s solution, it just clicked with me. It brings a new consumer experience during assembly making it easier and more intuitive. At the same time, the possibility to conveniently dismantle the furniture extends its lifecycle and facilitates its recycling which is another big step towards one of our most important goals for the upcoming years – sustainability”, she states. “I am convinced that by joining forces with an innovation leader such as Välinge, together we can provide better solutions to both our customers and consumers.”

The innovative click furniture solution Threespine® ID, is a radically different way to assemble and disassemble furniture. Using an effortless process that makes assembly up to ten times faster than any other conventional option, almost completely tool-free and with rock-solid stability.

There are good reasons why Forte is the perfect RTA furniture manufacturer in Europe to use this exceptional new technology for its selected future product programs: the company’s market size as well as its own state-of-the-art production facilities and many years of experience in furniture manufacturing make it possible to integrate the new Threespine ID click technology into existing processes in a very short time.

For Maria Florczuk, this is a meaningful step towards the future: “Of course, this integration required major investments and rescheduling, but we are completely convinced! This new technology will be a game-changer for RTA furniture and the customer experience. Välinge has succeeded in creating an impressive innovation here and we are thrilled to be able to accompany and help shape this journey from the very beginning.”

Johan Hallin, Senior Key Account Manager Furniture at Välinge Innovation, is also very pleased with the collaboration so far: “We are very happy that Forte has decided to use our ground-breaking technology and to integrate it immediately into selected programms. The discussions have been cooperative and goal-oriented right from the start, and we have been thinking directly in terms of concrete solutions and implementations. The partnership between Välinge and Forte fits perfectly – as it should be in furniture assembly.”

Founded in 1992, Forte is a Polish, stock-listed, family-rooted and internationally leading RTA furniture company. With four large production facilities in Poland, Forte is known for its functional design and high-quality products, which can be found in many large furniture chains and shops around the world.