PWS are a family-owned market leading distributor and manufacturer of kitchen and bedroom components with a history dating back over 110 years. Based in the North east of England PWS since 2018 invested in industry leading paint finishing systems and offering its customers a comprehensive range of colours with many on stock or very short lead times.

PWS have taken large production steps in mastering the application of water-based paint systems and soon learned the value of reducing the amount of rework and rejections due to cleanliness before paint is applied. Working with a just intime manor the slightest delay in product has a disproportionate effect on performance and any improvement in this area is vital.

After speaking to Dean Grimbley of John Penny Woodworking Machinery and discussing the MB Anti Dust Cleaning machine, it was soon apparent there may be some benefits to this machine.

The ROBA Anti Dust can be a through feed or stand-alone solution which guarantees high productivity with best cleaning results. Most times the machine is placed directly in front of a finishing line or right after a sander.

Many companies have the problem of imbedded dirt and dust residues after lacquer application. It is difficult to remove these particles as they are sealed under the lacquer layer this means perfect cleaning of all parts is required before finishing.

PWS found their current machines didn’t solve the cleaning problem 100% due to several reasons: cross drums are only able to remove dust from the grooves in feed direction, leaving dust in the transversal grooves or at the shoulders of a shaker door panel. Wrong configurated brushes and small tool diameter don’t offer the capacity to collect large dust volumes.

The new ROBA Anti Dust line solves the problem with the help of an additional cross unit, a double brush rotating clockwise and counter clockwise, a Noodle Blower at the machine exit, several Ionization Bars and extra-large brushes equipped with very effective Ostrich Feathers (shown in photo). This combination ensures that the whole part is completely cleaned, even in complicated details of the cabinet doors. Cleaned this way, the parts will pass the so called ‘Black T-Shirt Test’ and the machine is also deliverable with a bottom cleaning unit.

After testing back at the MB manufacturing facility in Herford Germany, PWS were suitably impressed to order the machine, with installation in early May 2023.