It was in 1958 when Striebig founder, Ludwig Striebig constructed his first vertical panel saw from a small joinery workshop in Lucerne, Switzerland. Fast forward 65 years and the global vertical panel saw specialist – which has become synonymous with quality, precision and longevity – has completed the build of its 50,000th vertical panel saw.

To mark this impressive milestone, the Striebig Control vertical panel saw – which has already been earmarked for a furniture manufacturing company in Ireland – features a certificate of uniqueness that has been signed by Striebig AG’s management team and employees.

“The personal gesture is a resounding nod to the many people that have helped the company to grow and become a leader in its field,” says Daniel Bucher, Striebig’s CEO. “On their retirement, Ludwig and Ida Striebig left the company the following recipe for success: ‘If you want to be successful in the market, you need a healthy company that is perfectly positioned at all times. Committed and satisfied employees are essential.’ These words have shaped the company you see today and continue to influence the paths we take to grow and diversify. The completion of our 50,000 machine is the result of a combined effort and could not have been achieved single-handedly.”