Fresh off the back of Ligna, Furniture & Joinery Production caught up with Maximilian Schmidt, Director of aggregates specialist, ATEMAG, to find out more about the company’s experience at the show, its recent launches, and plans for the future ...

Did you find Ligna as busy as you anticipated?

At ATEMAG, we were more than enthusiastic about the rush of customers to our booth. In retrospect, we are rather surprised at the reduced total number of visitors compared to 2019. We were convinced by the quantity and quality of the enquiries. Only the Friday afternoon should be considered by the trade fair organisation.

Could you share any recent innovations?

ATEMAG claims to be the innovator in aggregates. We have decided to shift even more manual work to the machine. Accordingly, we have developed two units together with HolzHer which now automatically insert dowels. One of the units is installed in the HolzHer Evolution PinJet, the other in the new HolzHer PowerPin.

We also recently presented the prototype of our LabelPrinter unit, which makes it possible to automatically and subsequently apply labels on a nesting machine, for example. This avoids confusion between labels and provides relief when there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Can you tell me about ATEMAG’s initiatives towards sustainability and the environment?

Sustainability at ATEMAG must be considered from two perspectives. On the one hand, 90% of our work is with regional suppliers within a radius of 50km. This means that our environment is less burdened by the supply chain, and we also create work in our environment socially.

Secondly, ATEMAG is known for high-performance units. With our units, we increase productivity, which saves resources. Not to forget our new packaging for the aggregates which enables us to reduce the use of plastics by 80%.

What sets Atemag products apart from others in the market?

ATEMAG has a clear corporate culture. Innovation, manufacture and quality. We are independent and 100% customer focused. We not only build the right unit, but we also build the optimal unit – even in quantity.

We know our customers and they are often small and medium-sized companies with problems from small and medium-sized companies. This distinguishes us from competitors with large corporate structures.

Also, we are focused on our aggregate product, which helps us to respond quickly and efficiently to the market and satisfy the customer.

What is the future of ATEMAG in the European, global, and UK markets?

We have set ourselves the goal of continuing to be an innovator in the market. Accordingly, we will continue our efforts of the last three years and develop aggregates for the future. We force ourselves to develop and recognise the benefits for our customers.

What helps us are the many projects in the composite products market. In recent years, great insights have been gained here, especially in the area of floating aggregates, which we can integrate into specific developments for both markets.

You are welcome to take a look at the new Soft Touch 3D Function Line Aggregate.