Industry-wide changes regarding the usage of PUR adhesives are just around the corner. The legislation according to REACH regarding the handling of diisocyanates will change on 24th August 2023.

In light of this, Kenyon Group is heralding the manifold benefits of Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives. Henkel ME PUR adhesives contain less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate, which therefore reduces the hazardous isocyanate-containing vapours by up to 90%

Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives have no hazardous labels and do not require specific professional training for operators which will be required when the legislation changes for standard PUR adhesives.

Technomelt (ME) PUR adhesives offer easy and safe handling in production. Nobody likes warning labels and the fact that these can now be eliminated brings huge benefits.

Mindful of health and safety, companies are now assessing which options within the sphere of PUR adhesives will allow them to improve their operating procedures, whilst at the same time reducing risk. The solution, for Kenyon Group, is simple – Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives.

These adhesives offer the same performance benefits that come with PUR technologies – low coat weight, tight joints, invisible glue lines, exceptionally high performance combined with excellent heat and water resistance – but without the hazardous labelling, making it more environmentally friendly and safer for operators to handle.

Henkel Technomelt Micro Emission (ME) PUR adhesives are available for flat lamination, edgebanding and profile wrapping applications. Available in two-kilo blocks, 20-kilo drums, 200-kilo drums and shortly in the ever-popular granules – Kenyon Group has your application covered and the environmental impact reduced.

To discuss the positive impact Technomelt Micro Emission (ME) PUR adhesives can have upon both the climate and a company’s working environment, or to arrange a trial, call the Kenyon Group team on 0161 627 1001.