Multi-level machining on the VGrind 360S


From the 18th to 23rd of September, the EMO trade fair will take place in Hannover and Biberach-based sharpening specialist, Vollmer, will be showing its latest sharpening machines and services.

In Hall 6 at Stand F32, the machine builder will be presenting automated grinding, eroding and laser machines that can be used to machine tools made of ultra-hard cutting materials such as PCD, CBN or carbide. Vollmer will also be providing information on its maintenance and training services and its digital V@dison solutions. In addition, Vollmer’s subsidiaries, Loroch and ultraTEC Innovation, will be exhibiting their products on the Vollmer EMO stand.

VOLLMER will present its latest innovations at EMO

As a world-leading production technology trade fair, EMO is increasingly focusing on the interlinking of products and services. This makes EMO the ideal place for Vollmer to showcase its machines, services and digital solutions. As a full-line supplier, Vollmer covers all production technologies with which rotary tools as well as circular and band saws can be machined – regardless of the cutting material used.

Producing tools with grinding, eroding or lasering

This year’s product highlight at EMO will be the VHybrid 260 grinding and eroding machine, which can grind and erode 100 cutting tools. It features multi-level machining, which is realised via two vertically arranged spindles. Here, the lower spindle is designed for both grinding and EDM.

With a new V@dison booster solution, the VHybrid 260 achieves a surface quality of up to 0.05µm Ra (micrometre/centre roughness value) when eroding PCD tools. Thanks to the digital application, EDM can be integrated as a complete manufacturing process into tool production.

With the Vpulse EDM generator, even the smallest micro tools with diameters of 0.5mm and smaller can be produced with the highest precision, performance and surface quality. High-precision machining is achieved via the integrated ‘Laser Check’ measuring system, which achieves required tolerances of ±2µm in fully automatic closed-loop round machining.

Automation for all sharpening machines

The VGrind 360S tool grinding machine at EMO also features the concept of multi-level machining. At the show, Vollmer will focus on the machining of CBN tools and how tool manufacturers can use the machine to individually configure and equip their production – regardless of whether they manufacture special tools or produce tools in high volumes.

The VGrind 360S machine

With appropriate automation such as the new HP 170 pallet magazine, the HPR 250 free-arm robot or the HC4 chain magazine, the VGrind 360S is suitable for unmanned machining around the clock. With the HP 170, optical detection of the cooling channels is optionally integrated. In addition, up to eight grinding wheel packs including the coolant supply can be changed fully automatically.

The Vollmer laser machine at EMO will be the VLaser 370. It can machine ultra-hard materials directly in the pivot point thanks to patented kinematics that effectively produce tools with high precision thanks to fewer compensating movements.

In addition to its machines, Vollmer will also be presenting the products and services of its subsidiaries, Loroch and ultraTEC Innovation. Loroch manufactures machines for sharpening circular saw blades. UltraTEC Innovation offers ultrasonic deburring systems that can be used to deburr components made of metal or plastic without contact and in a resource-saving manner.

Services and digital solutions from Vollmer

With its services for maintenance, repair, training, financing and digitalisation, Vollmer completes its EMO trade fair presence. These offerings include the digital initiative V@dison that incorporates the V@ boost solution ‘Performance Package for the VHybrid 260’.

“The positioning of EMO as the world’s leading trade fair for production technologies coincides with our corporate philosophy because we are the world’s full-liner for sharpening technologies to manufacture tools with high precision and automation,” says Jürgen Hauger, MD of the Vollmer Group.

“We don’t just offer a very specific process, but the exact process that customers need. In addition, we flank our machines with individual services and digital solutions to optimally support tool manufacturers and sharpening services in automated and cost-efficient production.”

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