Cantisa, the Spanish edgebanding manufacturer, has reached its 38th anniversary. The company would like to express its gratitude to everyone who has contributed to its continuous improvement over the years.

For 38 years, Cantisa has focused on innovation, learning, and growth, all with the aim of providing its customers with the best possible service. In Cantisa’s own words: “Thanks to your support, we have come this far, and there is much more to come!”

On this occasion, the company would like to highlight the achievements that have shaped its history – “We won’t go into the details of our 38-year journey, but here’s a summary of the key milestones that have shaped this family-owned company and brought us to where we are today:”

1931, Our Beginnings: Wood Veneers

The Rico family established a company dedicated to wood veneer production, which still exists today.

1985, Creation of Cantisa

They expanded their wood-related activities by establishing Cantisa S.A., specialising in the manufacture of edgebanding and trim covering products.

1993, Melamine and PVC Edgebanding

Cantisa anticipated market trends and began selling melamine and PVC edgebanding, which were relatively unknown in Spain at that time, but soon gained significant demand.

2010, Custom Textures and Prints

The company started printing and applying textures on PVC. Custom prints for each customer became highly successful in the market. Over the following years, Cantisa expanded its production capacity with multiple printing lines.

2014, Venturing into export

Cantisa explored new markets outside Spain and subsequently established an Export Department. The name Cantisa became recognised in countries across Europe, Africa, America, and Asia. Today, it exports to over 50 countries.

2017, Selling +1m meters per day

The demand for Cantisa’s products continued to grow. Thanks to its commitment to maximum quality, the company surpassed the milestone of selling one million metres of edgebanding per day, and the numbers continued to rise.

2019, Winning an Interzum Award

The company introduced the innovative “Décor Programme” collection, aiming to showcase edgebands as decorative elements rather than mere accessories. One of its products, the “Grid Effect Edgeband,” received an Interzum Award.

2023, Digital Printing: First in Spain

Cantisa is proud to claim that it became the first edgebanding manufacturer in Spain to incorporate digital printing technology. This innovation enables it to create exact reproductions of new digital melamines entering the market.

“Today, we look towards the future without forgetting our roots,” it shares. “We continue to improve and innovate with the same enthusiasm as on the first day.

Cantisa takes pride in having built a great team over the years. “Our team is now organised into various departments: production, quality, sales, export, marketing, IT, administration ... all working harmoniously with the clear objective of offering the best edges in the market, with fast and high-quality service.”

The company reveals its recipe for success, with specialisation as the main ingredient, followed by attention and service, continuous innovations, and its commitment to quality: “We have a team of professionals dedicated to guaranteeing the quality of our products, ensuring that our references perfectly reproduce the surface of the board for which they are homologated.”

All these ingredients, based on experience gained after 38 years of specialising in manufacturing PVC and veneer edgebands in all their finishes, have positioned Cantisa as a leading company and a reference in the industry.

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