Sames has replaced its range of dosing/mixing machines with a unique reference, the Cyclomix® Evo. Protected by two patents, it is distinguished by its precision and productivity, with Beta tests revealing up to 10% paint savings.

Sames previously had three 2K and 3K dosing/mixing references, the Cyclomix® Micro, Multi and Expert. These have been replaced by a single machine, the Cyclomix® Evo. The user specifies the basic module – number of paint circuits, colour changer blocks, flow meters, regulators, etc. – simply adding modules to increase capacity.

Perfect dosing and mixing, no untimely stops

The range has been simplified, therefore, but also optimised, as Sames has taken particular care with its basic functions. The dosing is perfect whatever the flow rate thanks to a new patented injection system. The mixing is done with vortex technology, which ensures a homogeneous distribution of the catalyst.

The user can work without being interrupted by alarms due to incorrect dosing and does not have to rework parts that would present an aspect defect. This guarantees high productivity, especially since the control interface is simple: it only takes two minutes to learn how to use it.

Fewer lost volumes during colour changes

Another advantage, confirmed by some 20 beta tests, is that paint savings are on target, reaching up to 10% for frequent colour changes. 

These savings result from the reduction of interior volumes and the elimination of retention zones, but also from the addition of a “paint optimisation” function that reduces the volumes lost during colour changes. Finally, for 3K paints, a patented potlife management system divides by five the volume lost in case of production stoppage.

Automated management of production waste

In terms of waste management, an additional module automatically collects and separates paint mixtures, reusable solvents, and soiled solvents. The associated taxes and reprocessing costs are reduced accordingly.

Cyclomix® Evo is now available, at a price close to that of the previous range. Compatible with the paint lines of competing brands, it will be enriched next year with other high value-added functions.