AES Group, with its innovative systems and designs in wood processing machinery, has been redefining the industry for approximately 35 years since it was first established. The company’s successful expansion from Turkey to numerous continents around the world is not only down to its expertise and experience, but also its aspiration to grow globally while striving to improve. 

AES Group continues to take new steps towards its growth and development goals. By the end of March, the company will launch its UK showroom, providing its customers with an opportunity to learn more about its products. Additionally, in January, the company will kickstart its second showroom in Charlotte, USA, with an Open House event to accelerate operations in the American market, aiming to serve the entire continent. 

One of the key points AES Group emphasised when making its first overseas investments to expand its service network was to establish closer connections with its customers and the relevant audience. The company aimed to advance its sales and after-sales services, as well as its service and maintenance processes in the foreign market as quickly as possible under the control of an expert team. 

Currently, AES Group is proud to claim that it is among the leading companies in the industry operating actively in both the American and European continents, from its current position.

AES Group values the UK market highly, and is working towards taking a more active role in collaboration with AES UK to better serve its customers. Therefore, in May, it plans to participate in MAF 2024, one of the significant trade fairs in the UK, to bring AES quality and assurance to Britain. 

Incorporating new missions into its goals that will be realised through its Open House in the American market and showroom in the United Kingdom, AES Group plans to expand its brand value to a broader audience. Just as it has done each year thus far, AES Group is certain that 2024 will bring with it new successes and milestones.