In a recent collaboration reflecting AMS’s commitment to safety, the company welcomed experts from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Noise and Vibration department at its Leicestershire showroom.

This collaboration is a big step forward in the woodworking industry’s ongoing efforts to make woodworking safer for everyone involved.

The partnership happened when specialists from the HSE Noise department visited AMS to take a close look at the Wadkin Bursgreen machines, especially the planer moulders. 

The goal is simple – making sure woodworking machines don’t damage the health of AMS customers, employees, and the wider group of woodworkers.

“At AMS, we’re always excited to do good things for the industry,” explains Steve, AMS director. “Teaming up with the HSE Noise and Vibration department is a fantastic opportunity, and we are happy to assist their experts in making things safer.”

The main aim of this collaboration is to stay updated on the best ways to control noise in the UK woodworking industry. AMS not only wants to learn from this but also share the knowledge with others in the industry and the HSE. Knowing that woodworking is always changing, the AMS team understands it’s important to keep reviewing and updating the advice given.

Raquel, the Noise and Vibration - Principal Scientist from HSE, explains: “I’m a noise and vibration specialist scientist, working closely with HSE’s Noise and Vibration Specialist Inspectors. Our work with AMS, especially the Wood Safety Group, focuses on simple solutions to make less noise and vibrations in our industry. We want to find easy and sensitive ways, like designing things differently to make less noise.”

This collaboration is not just about updating guidelines, but also showcasing the latest machine designs that help reduce noise. With years of experience in various industries, AMS knows it’s important to get big tooling companies on board with these efforts.

“Visiting workshops regularly, I’ve seen how noise can be a big problem,” says Gary, Service Director at AMS. “Teaming up with HSE lets us find practical solutions to make things better for everyone in the woodworking industry.”

AMS and HSE’s collaboration is great news for woodworking. By sharing knowledge, finding simple solutions, and a real commitment to safety, AMS is leading the way for a safer and healthier future for woodworkers in the UK.

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