Left to right: Giles Hoare, Managing Director at Ultrimax, Tim Stender Sales Engineer Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH&Co.KG

Ultrimax is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Venjakob, a globally renowned leader in auto spray line technology. As the official UK partner, Ultrimax extends its commitment to providing top-tier solutions for surface coating across businesses of all sizes.

Venjakob's reputation precedes itself, offering a diverse selection of spray and roller coating machines renowned for their unparalleled quality and performance. Whether it's the easy-to-use VEN SPRAY ONE, the precision of the VEN SPRAY SMART, the versatility of the VEN SPRAY COMFORT, or the efficiency of the VEN SPRAY PERFECT. Venjakob's innovative technology ensures optimal results tailored to every client's needs.

"At Ultrimax, we're dedicated to bringing the best to our customers, and partnering with Venjakob underscores that commitment," says Giles Hoare, Managing Director at Ultrimax. "Venjakob's cutting-edge machines align perfectly with our mission to provide top-quality solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity in surface coating applications."

In addition to offering Venjakob's premium machines and finishing process solutions, Ultrimax provides a comprehensive range of consumables and paints specifically tailored to complement Venjakob's equipment. This one-stop-shop approach ensures that clients have access to everything they need for their surface coating operations under one roof.

What sets Venjakob apart is not only its advanced technology but also its emphasis on user-friendly design and maintenance. Venjakob's machines are engineered for easy installation and upkeep, making them suitable for workshops of all sizes and expertise levels.

Ultrimax's partnership with Venjakob marks a significant milestone in the UK's surface coating industry, promising enhanced efficiency, superior quality, and unparalleled support for businesses across the nation.

“Venjakob is happy to have identified a strong partner for the UK market," says Tim Stender, from Venjakob. "Together with Ultrimax we will strengthen our presence in the UK. Ultrimax's decades of experience and outstanding network in the surface finishing market will be of great benefit to our existing and future customers. We are very confident that, together with Ultrimax, we will be able to implement outstanding projects for our joint customers in the coming years.”