Sleepeezee has announce its sustainability achievements for the year 2023. Through a combination of innovative products and a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, Sleepeezee has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and solidified its position as a leader in sustainable manufacturing within the bedding industry.

Key highlights of Sleepeezee’s sustainability achievements for 2023 include:

  • Absolute Carbon Reduction: Sleepeezee achieved an impressive 6.68% reduction in absolute carbon emissions compared to the previous year at its [location] facility.
  • At the market level, Sleepeezee recorded a commendable 3.00% reduction in absolute carbon emissions.

TCO2e / £m Turnover Reduction:

  • Demonstrating its dedication to sustainability across its operations, Sleepeezee achieved a noteworthy 6.85% reduction in TCO2e (Total Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) emissions per £m turnover within the market.
  • On a broader scale, Sleepeezee achieved an 3.18% reduction in TCO2e emissions per £m turnover within the market.

These achievements were made possible through strategic initiatives, including the installation of newer, more efficient gas heaters for manufacturing areas and the adoption of a new, more efficient air compressor to power air tools throughout the factory. These projects not only contributed to significant reductions in carbon emissions but also improved efficiency and productivity.

In addition to its 2023 accomplishments, Sleepeezee has made remarkable progress in its long-term sustainability goals since 2018:

  • Absolute Carbon Reduction since 2018: 30.07% reduction (location) / 49.89% reduction (market).
  • TCO2e / £m Turnover Reduction since 2018: 52.39% reduction (location) / 65.88% reduction (market).

Since 2018, Sleepeezee has aimed to reduce factory carbon emissions by 5% every year from its baseline year as part of its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Remarkably, using the location-based method, Sleepeezee is 5 years ahead of schedule, whilst using the market-based method, they are 8 years ahead of schedule.

Furthermore, Sleepeezee is proud to have received the Planet Mark Milestone Award for 5 consecutive years in recognition of its consistent efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition to its sustainability achievements, Sleepeezee remains committed to a more sustainable future through product innovation. The Centurial range, launched last year, features comfort layers that are free from glue, showcasing Sleepeezee’s dedication to designing products that are easily recyclable and environmentally friendly.

“We are thrilled to celebrate another year of significant sustainability achievements at Sleepeezee,” says Steve Warren, Managing Director at Sleepeezee. “Our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint is ingrained in everything we do, from our manufacturing processes to product design. These milestones reflect our ongoing dedication to sustainability and our mission to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for the bedding industry.”