Surface preparation expert, Mirka UK, has a range of specialist abrasive systems developed for a variety of surface finishes including painted, lacquered and high gloss acrylics.

Preparation is key to achieving a quality finish, and Mirka UK has a solid reputation for developing strong products in this line. Whether for preparation, maintenance or rectification, Mirka claims its range of products achieves quality results even on the most demanding of surfaces.

Mirka’s Polarstar abrasives are designed to tackle the latest demanding coating applications when sanding and de-nibbing high gloss acrylics and lacquers. The discs have a more flexible surface than paper which ensures a flatter, more consistent cut. They are also resistant to clogging so they speed up work, last longer and are very economical.
Polarstar helps speed up the process. When sanding lacquers, for example, the process can often be completed in two simple steps, first sand the surface with Polarstar P800 and then simply follow with Polarstar P1500 and the surface is ready for polishing.

Scratches are a common problem in high gloss, and attempts at rectification often ruin the appearance and leave a lack-lustre matt finish. Mirka’s Polarshine not only permanently removes scratches, but is also cleaner and safer to use.

Unlike other polishes and compounds that simply cover scratches – which re-appear as the filler is washed or worn away – Polarshine works by gently abrading the scratches so they are completely removed. It also restores the original high gloss appearance. Defects such as holograms, orange peel, swirl marks and other imperfections can be also permanently removed.

Challenging traditional methods of wide-belt manufacture, Ultimax creates a unique sanding medium. A series of tiny cavities is specially designed into the abrasive material which efficiently and effectively prevent clogging by creating a void for the dust particles to flow through the sanding area without latching onto the belt surface.
In addition, the tiny cavities force air between the surface of the work and the belt, which help to keep the sanding area cooler. This has a number of benefits because when the cutting temperature is lower, there is less friction and less risk of the sanded material scorching.

The Abranet range of abrasives is one of the most groundbreaking products on the market. Whereas most abrasive manufacturers have simply added more holes to their paper products in an effort to extract sanding dust from the work surface, Mirka has taken a radically different approach to sanding. Made from a patented net fabric, not paper, Abranet sanding discs comprise thousands of tiny holes in a unique net design, for unbeatable dust extraction and an even surface at all times.

The open weave structure enables dust to be continuously sucked away, which means there are no harmful airborne particles and the environment is kept really clean. There is no clogging on the disc and the abrasives last up to 10 times longer than paper.

Abranet can be used with a hand sanding block and achieves exceptional results with Mirka’s Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander (CEROS) which has been designed to make light work of the most demanding sanding jobs. CEROS is both robust and lightweight, with a powerful 400W motor. The simple controls permit the sander to run anywhere between 4000 and 10,000rpm so the user can work faster, have better control and produce a perfectly prepared surface.

Whether using 240 or 110V, industrial dust extraction or a conventional vacuum, CEROS simply plugs into a connecting hose and extracts the dust at source.

Mirka has launched a Smart Trolley system to keep tools, abrasives and dust extraction in one place. The Mirka Smart Trolleys come on castors so they can be wheeled around the workshop, when and where they are needed.

The dust extraction unit sits neatly on the bottom shelf, with a shelf above to store all the abrasives and interface pads needs. No more hunting round for the right grit. Everything can be clearly displayed and is immediately to hand.

To launch the Smart Trolley, Mirka has developed three systems to choose from, one with CEROS, another with a two-handed sander and the third design with an air sander. Each system comes complete with a dust extraction unit, and a wide range of consumables including packs of multi interface pads, pad savers, Abranet strips and Gold abrasives in a choice of grits.