The new showroom in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, which was inaugurated on the 18th of last month, shows a cross section of the product range of the Samet Group that manufactures and sells more than 2400 different items.

The portfolio of the Turkish manufacturer’s furniture fittings comprises hinges, drawers and drawer runners, sliding door and flap fittings, interior accessories for drawers, connecting fittings and furniture lighting elements that include LED technology.

Enhancing furniture with light

LED systems are small, environmentally friendly and shine in almost any colour. Due to their low generation of heat, they are perfectly suited for applications in and around furniture. This is why Samet focuses on LED lighting systems: the repertoire comprises task, accent and orientation lighting for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Illuminated clothes rails, drawers and flap door fittings generate finely measured light with which the cupboard interior can effectively be put into the limelight.

Lighting for glass shelves and wardrobe shelves as well as flexible LED strips for a variety of applications offer numerous possibilities to create atmospheric lighting concepts. Colour variations place accents and can be selected to correspond with the overall appearance of the furniture. Various surface-mounted lights complement the wide range of the lighting systems, which can also easily be operated by means of touch control or movement sensors.

Samet implements lighting with numerous variations and, through its solutions, reveals how pieces of furniture in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the living room and bedroom, can be enhanced with the proper lighting.

Impro: fine tuning for individual convenience

Samet has further improved the gentle and silent closing of furniture doors with the Impro generation of hinges. The five-stage soft-close feature enables the cushioned, automatic closing of the furniture door, adjusted for personal convenience as well as in respect of the door size and weight.

The cushioning mechanism is integrated in the hinge arm. The cushioning effect can be adjusted from one to five on the hinge arm under the cap. Depending on personal preference, the setting can be selected so that furniture doors variously move slowly or fast and then close softly and silently. With doors that vary in size and weight, the advantage of fine adjustment is that a small movement of the hand is sufficient to close the furniture doors silently and securely. In the zero-position, soft closing can be switched off completely.

In addition to this, Impro’s track mechanism provides mounting and de-mounting of the hinge with one touch. Another important feature of Impro is the product’s durability – it has a lifespan of a minimum of 150.000 open-close cycles.

Slidea – convenience for living room and bedroom furniture

The delicate Slidea runner is designed for wooden drawers and pull-outs in the living room and bedroom. The slender design of the underfloor guide ensures that no space is wasted in the cupboard interior.

Lasting quality and smooth running performance provide just as much convenience as the integrated cushioned closing action. The plug-on or slide-on assembly makes it easy to install. The partial extension runner is available in nominal lengths of 250 to 600mm.