Blum UK have made a major investment in its UK stockholding of the trend-setting Tandembox antaro range. The collection of drawerboxes and accessories to cover the entire program of sizes and special dimensions presently covered by the standard Tandembox.

Blum UK sales and marketing director David Sanders explains: “The Tandembox antaro in grey will be instantly available from our UK warehouse in Milton Keynes with Blum standard free-of-charge, 48-hour delivery time and our 99.997% order accuracy.

This cutting edge new product design will be available to all or customers in the independent retail sector by way of a Blum subsidised, free upgrade to help our partners in the KBB sector to be even more competitive.”

Blum have also increased the Tandembox antaro range in Silk White and information on this is available on request.

The standard applications for the Tandembox antaro grey stockholding in the UK will include 270mm, 450mm and 500mm deep drawers in any width – for both standard (85mm height) and high fronted (150mm, 180mm and 205mm height) pull-outs.

David explains that for the last 25 years Blum UK has valued its partnership with independent kitchen sector in the UK and this is the main reason for the company’s expansion of the antaro stock range so as to provide an opportunity for Blum customers to offer a further point of differentiation within its offering to the consumer.

The design and specification of the Tandembox antaro is distinctive in a number of ways. The rectangular design of the gallery sections is sleek and minimalist and there is perfect colour co-ordination of nylon components and accessories like cover caps, connectors and dividers. The steel drawer slides run the full length of the drawer – meaning there is no rear corner brackets – and there is the possibility for customers to add customised design elements further increasing the point of individual customer differentiation.

As with all Blum products, the Tandembox antaro carries a lifetime guarantee.