In its mission to produce the most functional yet luxurious polyurethane fabrics possible, Ultrafabrics has developed Ultraleather Pro, the next generation in its portfolio of leather options. A beneficiary of the manufacturer’s latest groundbreaking technological advances, Ultraleather Pro is the softest in its class, yet delivers performance values that are unexpected in a leather-like product.

The repellency factor is astounding as Ultrafabrics claims Ultraleather Pro is unaffected by even the most difficult of stains such as ballpoint ink, Betadine solution, red wine and mustard.

This makes an ideal covering choice for a range of applications, from corporate and educational projects to healthcare and hospitality. Its easy-to-clean surface is exceptionally durable and tested for abrasion resistance to over four times severe contract requirements.

What’s more Ultraleather Pro is EPA-certified anti-microbial, with silver ion protection blended in the polyurethane resin compound offering a built-in versus topical safeguard that will never wash away or deteriorate.

“Ultraleather Pro represents our drive and obsession for creating product perfection on every level – performance, functionality and aesthetics,” says Danielle Boecker, president of Ultrafabrics, LLC. “I’m confident our client partners will appreciate that Ultraleather Pro has the ability to meet even the most demanding criteria, maintaining its appearance over time better than any other upholstery, continuously comfortable and contributing to a better environment.”

Fans of Ultrafabrics already include Starbucks, MGM Grand and Starwood, among many others.”

Ultraleather Pro is a classic and subtle natural grain and the claimed to be the softest and most pliable in its class. The versatile palette of 24 fresh and updated colours that is offered was inspired by nature. Calming hues synonymous with renewal and healing are counter-balanced with a handful of vivid, mood-lifting colours that can provide a visual pop and emotional boost. A series of beautiful neutrals rounds out this offering and arms the designer with a full range of colours to work with in any project where looks, feel and performance matter.