Norbord’s premium grade MDF has been relaunched with a new name: Caberwood MDF Pro. Formerly marketed as Standard MDF, the board is designed for use by professional builders, shopfitters and other trades who need a high quality grade of MDF for top-end applications.

The new name comes as part of a wider re-organisation of the Caberwood MDF product range. Previously, the range comprised numerous grades branded as Ultralight, Light, Standard and Deep Rout with additional lines described as Moisture Resistant (MR), Moisture Resistant Light and Industrial MR.

While all these grades – with the exception of Ultralight – are still available, they have been reorganised more logically into three basic lines: Caberwood MDF Trade, Caberwood MDF Pro and Caberwood MDF Industrial MR. As the name indicates, Industrial MR is inherently moisture-resistant; MR versions of Trade and Pro grades are also available.

“The old structure was confusing for our customers because it was unnecessarily complicated and the names didn’t really describe typical end uses,” says Norbord regional sales manager David Webb.

The new names follow an established convention in the building materials industry in which ‘Trade’ denotes a product designed for general use by tradesmen and jobbing builders, ‘Pro’ indicates a product intended for use by skilled craftsmen and ‘Industrial’ is used to describe a product for use as a raw material in an industrial or manufacturing process.

Despite the name-change, the composition, performance and availability of the Caberwood MDF range remains unchanged and customers will continue to buy their supplies via the same timber and builders’ merchant chains.

“The main difference is that customers will now be able to distinguish more easily between the different grades and be confident that they are choosing the correct product for their requirements,” comments Mr Webb.