Jumbo Ergo vacuum lifter
• The pads that are gripping the work-piece are called large area suction pads.
• The large area suction pads can be manually adjusted along the beam.
• The suction pads are ideal for rough sawn timber, pallets and timber with varying widths.
• The twist grip on the Jumbo Ergo is designed to operate like a motorcycle throttle.
• The length of the control handle can be varied, which allows the operator to always maintain a safe distance from the load.
• Turbovac has a wide range of vacuum pads to cater for different applications.

Jumbo Lifter vacuum lifter
• The Jumbo vacuum tube lifter from TVL is ideal for the frequent and fast lifting of plywood and MDF panels.
• The Jumbo is capable of lifting loads up to 300kg in weight.
• The picture above shows a Jumbo Ergo fitted with a pneumatic 90º rotate attachment.
• Loads may be rotated from horizontal to vertical at the push of a button, up to a maximum load of 120kg.
• Sacks, barrels, cardboard boxes and other sheet materials can be lifted with this versatile lifting system.